PC Freezes

  MrSheen 11:36 25 Jun 2009

First of all, it doesn't totally freeze up, that was just shorter than saying what actually happens. I've got back from being away for 6 months, during which time my mum and sister have had my PC. They say they've not had any problems with it and haven't installed anything major while I've been gone. It doesn't happen all the time, usually just when I'm doing something important, but it just gets really really slow. Like when you've asked a slow PC to do loads of things. The cursor lags behind and any music playing does so in fits and bursts. I've had Task Manager open when this happens and it seems to be Firefox that's taking up the CPU usage. Not sure how best to isolate the problem.
Appreciate there's a lot of PC Freeze posts on here, and I have looked through some, but the symptoms aren't the same as this.
Anyway, appreciate anyones help or suggestions

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:41 25 Jun 2009

Uninstall and reinstall firefox to see if that makes a difference.

  MrSheen 10:37 26 Jun 2009

Thanks. I've tried re-sintalling firefox but the problem still happens. It tends to be as soon as a webpage has loaded, whether it's a new one, or just moving back in the browser. No error messages, it just goes ridiculously slow, and because of the lag on the mouse, you can't really do anything. Again, Task Manager was showing firefox as running at 99%.

Not sure what could be causing it. Anything else I can try?

Thanks again.

  Rahere 11:22 26 Jun 2009

I have tried Firefox on a few operating systems and while I quite like it, I notice that it seems to hit system performance quite hard - that's why I use Opera instead.

Just in case it's another problem can you confirm you have up to date antivirus and a firewall installed and run regular scans to check your computer is clear of nasties?

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