PC FReezes

  waksh 18:55 26 Dec 2007


My pc keeps freezing every so often when i use it, the timings of the freezes are irregular. I have a system recovery disc to reinstall everything but while it is reinstalling it freezes and the PC shuts off



  Technotiger 19:07 26 Dec 2007

Could be over-heating. When did you last check inside case for dust/fluff etc, especially around the fans, including PSU fan. Are the fans running ok. Just somewhere to start checking.

  sean-278262 19:07 26 Dec 2007

What are the specs of the computer? Is it a bit of an old system on the boarder line for XPs requirements? What is the systems specs?

Is there anything running that might be the reason for frezing? Does it happen when running certain selections of programs?

  waksh 19:10 26 Dec 2007

It happens mostly when the computer is heavily running on programs, and i think that it might over heat, i've had the PC for over 5 years and have never check it for dust/fluff, could this be the case

Windows XP
3.06 GHz
Intel Pentium 4 Processor
Geforce MX 440SE

Its quite an old system but seems new.

  Technotiger 19:27 26 Dec 2007

I would guess it almost certainly needs a good clean-out inside the case. If fans/memory sticks/cpu etc are covered in dust it could well be over-heating.

  citadel 19:40 26 Dec 2007

psu may be failing, easy to fit a new one.

  waksh 20:25 26 Dec 2007

i have opened the CPU and found a large amount of dust, i will try to clean it out, are there any certain areas which i should mainly focus on to clean thoroughly?

  Technotiger 20:45 26 Dec 2007

You have opened the case - the CPU is the large square objuect near middle of motherboard, the CPU is the heart of your PC.

First, before you go 'into' the case touch a metal part of the case to disperse any bodily static, which could harm components.

Make sure as much dust as possible is cleared out, careful use of a vacuum would help, but make sure it is on low power and not too near pc components. Make sure all fans are completely clean and that they rotate easily. All around CPU and Memory sticks without dislodging anything.

  Technotiger 20:46 26 Dec 2007

Also clean dust from rear of PC, where the PSU fan is behind the grill.

  waksh 20:49 26 Dec 2007

OK, i'll try to be carefull, is the fan at the top the PSU, the one that is covered in a box?

  Technotiger 20:50 26 Dec 2007

Also make sure PC is in a reasonably clear area - ie, not under the desk on or very near the floor, or surrounded by other objects. The area above, below, to the side and over the PC should be as clear as possible, to allow a clear flow of cooling air which moves basically through the front openings/grills over the internal components and out through the rear openings/grills.

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