PC Freeze

  tally-ho 01:21 17 Jul 2003

when i run my Norton anti virus scan, after about 6k files the pc has a total freeze. i have tried the scan on numerous occasions and it is always the same ie the dreaded pc freeze.

i did have a problem with e-mail attachments which was resoled by 'peperman 27' many thanks and to the others for anti virus advice.

have done a disc cleanup, defrag. but still the problem remains.

fairly new oap with computer so all help gratefully received.

tally ho

  Tog 07:28 17 Jul 2003

When I run NAV on my comp it can appear to freeze for a minute or so on some directories. How long have you left it for?

Have you got the latest updates for NAV?

  User-312386 08:37 17 Jul 2003

have tried closing all programmes, except NAV?

  User-312386 02:01 20 Jul 2003

the three finger salute

Crtl Alt Delete

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