PC Freeze

  doanchi 15:10 18 Mar 2007

Hi All,

Have a real mess on my PC. It relates to an older posting I did in February this year. Heres an extract from it;

I have newish Aries PC, 3 ghz processor, 1500 meg memory, NVIDIA 6600GT.

It just froze on me, CTL ALT DEL did not bring task manager to enable me to shut down the application, so I powered off.

When I tried to reboot it wouldnt even go to BIOS. After a couple of times it eventually got to BIOS but then froze on Windows start up (blue bits moving from left to right...).

I then powered off again, after a few times back to windows then choose 'Start from last known good configuration'. This got me to my desktop then the PC crashed and I was left with a stripy multicoloured screen.

I powered off and now I cant even get to BIOS.
The fans come on, there is a single click from the HDD, and no recognition from the monitor either (stays amber rather than going green).

It then got to the point where it did boot to desktop - BUT it keeps freezing. It lets me on for about 10 minutes then freezes - I cant do any input and have to power off. After I have powered off the PC will not post to BIOS? I have identified a problem with my NVIDIA GT 6600 - in that it was registering at around 150 degrees - the fan on the chip had stopped working and so I've removed it from the system and stuck in an old ATI card.

Could it be that the graphics card temp has damaged my mainboard?

My HDD is now mashed and wont boot to windows.

I have another old system - I've just stuck the HDD in this one and it post's each time so I can get to BIOS to change to boot from CD - the thing is the onboard system repair (watford electonics PC angel) is screwed. The CD provided does not help as I get an error when trying to format the HDD saying the disk is damaged?

The worst thing is Watford Electronics/savastore have gone bust, with Globally LTD taking them over (same addess at Charter House as watford funnily enough) so I have no support for the PC.

Realise there is a lot here - but any advise on how to get this working again at limited cost would be much appreciated - I was thinking of a new mobo and HDD.

  ICF 15:21 18 Mar 2007

Did you change the drivers fron Nvidia to ATI when you put the old ATI card in?
When you say that the recovery disk is no good and it won't format the HDD because it is damaged do you mean the HDD is damaged or the CD?

  doanchi 15:26 18 Mar 2007

hi ICF,

I havent changed the drivers for the ATI card.

I think the HDD is damaged - PC angel does not resolve the problem - and the recovery disk gets me into installing a new operating system - so windows loads temp files, then asks you where to out the instalation - I tell it to delete the existing partition, and place XP on there - before that I have to format it - so go for either quick or normal format - I get a progress bar - then it throws an error saying - "disk is damaged" then restart...?

Thinking this might be a common occurance for Watford Electronic customers - judging by this link...

click here

  ICF 15:59 18 Mar 2007

You can't just put in an ATi card without installing the drivers.
Uninstall the Nivdia drivers first then install the drivers for the ATi card.

  doanchi 16:35 18 Mar 2007

Cheers ICF

I know that, the point is I cant actually get to my desktop as the PC wont boot to desktop, so I cant uninstall...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:27 18 Mar 2007

Boot to afe mode by tapping F8 during startup.

In device manager delete the old Nvidia driver and install the ATi driver.

If it wont let you instal the driver then reboot after deleting Nvidia driver, it should boot to windows but with low resolution screen and then install the Ati driver.

  doanchi 17:41 19 Mar 2007

Hi all,

Just an update - the PC wont even get to BIOS now - does this mean my motherboard is fried? I try to turn on HDD activity judging by the noise but not POSTing to BIOS.

Any suggestions?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:53 19 Mar 2007

Unplug HDD CD/DVD and attempt to boot with just motherboard Cpu and memory, does it boot to an error message?

  doanchi 18:08 19 Mar 2007

hi Fruit Bat,

Just tried that - unplugged the HDD, DVD and floppy (power cables and IDE cables) and then powered on. There was no output through the monitor - i.e. the light on the monitor stays amber, doesnt go green and POST. I tried connecting the monitor lead from my graphics card to the onboard port and this didnt make any difference.

What do you reckon?

  ICF 19:01 20 Mar 2007

Have you tried without the graphic card in?

  a.nonymous 21:56 20 Mar 2007

dunno if that will make any difference

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