PC 'forgets' that XP's installed

  Peverelli 10:50 29 May 2004

I have a slightly annoying problem that only occurs if I leave my PC turned off for more than a few hours.

When I turn the PC back on again I am told there is a disk read error and I have to boot from the XP (Home) CD. Then I have to re-install/repair XP and wait for about 40 minutes for the job to be completed. This process also manages to lose all of the MS updates, so I have to download them all again (often with many visits from Sasser and other worms while I'm downloading). If the PC is turned off for a short time (ie: when inserting more RAM) this problem does not occur. I can get around this by leaving the PC on Standby overnight, but I prefer to turn it off. Does anyone know what could be causing this and how to 'cure' it?

XP Home, Athlon 2600XP, AOpen Mk77M-8XN motherboard, 2x512Mb RAM, AVG, Adaware, A2 (anti-trojan) and Kerio4 firewall running (all updated regularly).


  MartinT-B 11:08 29 May 2004

OK I am not an expert, but have you used the disk checker?

You might have a corrupted HDD.

My Computer -> Right click C: (if that's the one with XP One)-> Properties -> Tools Tab -> Error checking, click the Check Now button.

I would put a tick in BOTH boxes ("automatically fix file system errors" and "scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors") Then click the check now button.

I have a funny feeling that this process can't start until you restart the PC, but if that's the case, you get a pop-up to tell you that.

If so, just restart.

  spikeychris 11:13 29 May 2004

Morning Pev. Have you tried chkdsk /r This will check the disk for errors and fix them. Just boot to a command prompt and type the above.

Use chkdsk /? for more options.

Also it may be that your hard drive is failing. Try using the following
hard drive diagnostic tool.....works with any manufacturer's drive.

Data Lifeguard Online Diagnostics
click here

  Peverelli 13:28 29 May 2004

Afternoon Chris ;-)

Have tried all suggestions above and no problems were found.

It's a new HD (Hitachi Deskstar7K250 (HDS722580VLAT20), 80GB 7200 RPM, Ultra-ATA/100).

I don't understand how it works fine after being turned off for about an hour but needs a re-installed OS after a longer break! I noticed during startup that SMART is enabled (it wasn't on my old system), does that make a difference?

  AndySD 13:48 29 May 2004

i know its a little simple but can you make sure the cables are securly puhed into place.

  TomJerry 13:50 29 May 2004

check PSU (power supply unit) and check bios battery.

  Peverelli 14:24 29 May 2004

Thanks. Simple things are often overlooked but the cables are in securely. It's a new board & PSU as well as a new HD so one would assume that they would be OK. Daft question - what do I do to check battery & PSU? The clock is keeping good time (battery OK?) and there's no problem when the PC is on so I'm assuming that the PSU is OK.

  AndySD 14:33 29 May 2004

Try going into the bios and check the disk is bieng recognisd properly... also male sure it is set to DMA.

Out of interest what is the jumper setting on the disk and its position on the cable....also is it an 80 cable?

  Peverelli 14:53 29 May 2004

Thanks, I have to go to work now, so will check bios when I get back. Jumper setting is master on new 80Gb HD (old 40Gb HD is set to slave). The new drive is on one end of the cable, the middle connector is connected to the old drive with (obviously) the other end connected to the mobo. The cable is the same type as I've always used with my HDs over the last 5 years [futile attempt to hide the fact that I don't know what an '80 cable' is :-)]

  AndySD 15:00 29 May 2004

click here has 80 wires click here has 40 wires
if yours has 40 then replace it.

  Peverelli 01:12 03 Jun 2004

I haven't forgotten this thread, just haven't had time to get cable yet :-(
Getting used to leaving PC on Standby though, it's nice and quick to start up again. I let it restart every day though, to allow windows do its stuff.

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