p.c is fine if i leave it on

  s-256399 09:08 25 Oct 2007

I have a 900mhz amd athlon, 512ram, 40gb hard drive, windows xp, rather old but still pretty good for my needs except if i turn it off it takes about two hours to get it started properly,
if i leave it running, which i now do it will work fine, and i can also restart it fine but if i shut down over night or long enough for it to cool down i have to start and restart until it works, takes a couple of hours, within those hours it starts but black screen, starts and freezes, starts and restarts on its own until eventually it will be fine, i have tested lots and it isnt windows, ram, hard drive.

  crosstrainer 09:21 25 Oct 2007

Have tested everything else, then I suspect your power supply may be on the way out.

You could remove and clean it, they do attract a lot of dust in the fans, and as you say, your system is quite old now :)

  Diemmess 09:23 25 Oct 2007

Have you looked in Event Viewer?
Do this via Control Panel > Admin. Tools >Event Viewer for the red Errors and click on one to see what it shows?

Sorry to say I have some of my own and don't understand the messages I get!
At least in my case nothing naughty is happening.

If you highlight copy and paste a collection of these there's sure to be someone who knows what has happened.

  johnnyrocker 09:24 25 Oct 2007

i agree the symptoms are much like a psu slow starting.


  DieSse 11:30 25 Oct 2007

Yes - I agree too that the PSU is a very likely culprit.

Had a system behaving just like this a few months ago - new PSU cured it.

  g.1.g 13:09 25 Oct 2007

I had the same problem pressing on button then starts then goes dead and starts up on its own and shuts down straight away I changed the power supply unit still the same happening, changed memory same happening so decided to switch it on then take out the lead for the power switch and it stayed on but obviously could not switch off so my cure was to tranfer everything and put it into a new case problem solved. Whether it was the right move not sure but could not find anything else wrong the new case hase my old power supply aswell thats why I know it might not be that.

  keef66 16:03 25 Oct 2007

colleague had a similar age / spec 1ghz Athlon pc with virtually same symptoms. I hooked up his HDD to my pc and retrieved all his documents etc just in case. Next I tried my PSU in the ailing pc, and it started up perfectly.
By this time he'd gone out and bought a new Evesham, so I got to keep the old one to play with!

  s-256399 11:12 22 Nov 2007

Im back again after buying a new case with 500w power supply already in it, had someone fit all the parts from my p.c into the new one but im still having the same problem?
so its not
software,psu, hard drive, ram or any of the external bits i.e hard drive, scanner, printer etc.
so im left with
processor, motherboard, graphics card, i think. Is there anything else? Do you think i would have a working pc if i replaced all three?
Can anyone tell me what else i might need if i did replace all three?

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