PC fans/cooling

  kp 22:09 18 Apr 2004

I have a 3 year old Evesham system, AthlonXP 1900, Asus A7V266-E mobo, 512MB DDR RAM, 80GB HDD. The north bridge fan has been very noisy lately and I decided to replace it. The base of the fan is fixed to the motherboard and as far as I can see, is not easily removed. Unfortuately, I have not been able to find a replacement that fits (i.e. just replacing the fan itself and leaving the base in place)in the usual stores (Maplins, PC World etc.). I decided to remove the fan altogether and insert a blow fan with a PCI slot type attachment in a blank slot above the AGP graphics card. This is fairly close to the northbridge. As a precaution, I have also put in a new case fan to make sure this is performing as well as it can be. The CPU temperature with the new set-up is around 55 degC and the mobo temp. 33 degC once stabilised - both seem reasonable. My question is - is it OK to run the PC without the northbridge fan in place assuming the temperatures remain OK or is it essential to have a separate northbridge fan. Any advice welcome. Cheers. kp

So long as you dont intent overclocking and the northbridge doesnt get hot then i cant see why..

You can get some heat sink's that go on by a company called zalaman that are very effiecent even without a fan strapped on!

  kp 22:25 18 Apr 2004

Pilch from exiled-gamers.co.uk - thanks. I don't do any overclocking so hopefully this should be ok. I will keep an eye on temperatures for the next few days just to be sure. Is there anything I need to look out for as a warning sign that something is about to fry or is it a case of it being too late by the time any problems develop? kp

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