PC Failure

  User-9C711E86-C156-4BE1-A8746A846D0B027D 13:11 01 Mar 2005

was recently using my PC when I got a BSOD. On rebooting the PC appeared to do nothing and after a couple of attempts i was up and running again but not for long as the screen corrupted and froze. On the next reboot that was it. I couln't even access the BIOS with all components removed from the PC. After using a donar machine I swapped out all the components proving the MB was tits up as predicted, but I never swapped out the graphics card to the donar machine. On getting my new MB (same model as I had a RAID 1 setup) I was presented with the same problem, no boot but could access the BIOS now. Having a spare graphics card I swapped this out and after a couple of reboots was up and running again.
I assume the RAID info is stored on the disks as they recovered without a rebuild.
Both the MB and graphics card were a little over 2 years old. Any ideas as to what may have caused this double failure. My PC is powered via a UPS so I dont think a power surge to be the culprit. Could my PC power unit be on the way out? I have checked all the voltages and they appear to be OK apart from +12 is 11.2 (a bit on the lowside?) The PSU is rated at 600w
Any one got any ideas ? as I am about to install a new graphics card that requires a molex power connection

  FelixTCat 14:02 01 Mar 2005

If you look at the shape of a graph of failure rate of electronics against time, it has what is called a bathtub shape. It rises to a peak very quickly, drops away very quickly, stays low for a while and then slowly increases. Really faulty components fail very quickly and then others slowly fail over time. It is easily possible to measure average life times but impossible to predict how long any individual component may last.

It is possible that a component on either your motherboard or your graphics card failed and that failure led to the failure of a borderline component of the other. Without thoroughly testing both of them, it is unlikely that you will eve3r determine what component failed.

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