PC Fails to Boot & No Picture

  Effort 21:42 09 Jul 2007


When starting up my PC, failing to get through boot up process and no video output. PC just sits there with fans going.

Have tried getting into BIOS, but PC not even getting to POST

PC not emitting any beeps on start up, so not recognising as a video interface problem

Have tried swapping out graphics card (ATI 800XT), but still same problem.

Not sure if this is any coincidence, but last game I played on it was STALKER, which actually crashed the PC and have not been able to boot up since.

Any assistance appreciated!

  skidzy 21:44 09 Jul 2007

Can you boot into safemode ?

  Effort 21:45 09 Jul 2007

Remind me how I do that again?

  skidzy 21:54 09 Jul 2007

Tapping F8 on startup...then try using system restore.

Have you downloaded a patch for the game,if so...it maybe a buggy patch.

  Effort 21:56 09 Jul 2007

No, PC doesn't even get to initial boot up phases, so cannot enter safe mode

  Effort 21:57 09 Jul 2007

Have not downloaded patch either

  paul€ 21:59 09 Jul 2007

have you a spare power supply unit ( PSU ) you could try in it?

  Effort 22:00 09 Jul 2007

No, afraid not

  Stuartli 22:01 09 Jul 2007

Most probably the PSU as paulC points out.

  Effort 22:04 09 Jul 2007

I'm not even getting any beeps when the system powers on

  Strawballs 01:42 10 Jul 2007

Try unplugging all hard drives optical drives and if more than 1 stick of memory that too leaving just one oh yes and your graphics card and seeing if it will post screen then, as you say the fans are running you are getting some power out of the PSU and if you do get post screen then it is PSU, I had my brother in laws machine recently with same symptons as yours and I even tried different PSU and it turned out to be dead motherboard.

If it does post after unplugging everything try plugging back in graphics and master hard drive and seeing if that works, and if that does try optical drive and lastly any extra memory as a bad memory can cause it.

if it does not post try swapping memory sticks for the same reason.

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