PC Fails to Boot Up

  foxman318 19:57 01 Nov 2006

E Machine 590.
MOBO - IM8455G.
2.4GHz Processor.
XP Home Edition (Recovery Disk)
Purchased July 2003.

Up till now my PC has worked fine. I got up this morning to find my PC was running. The PSU was making a louder than normal noise, the lights on the front were flashing and there was nothing on the screen. I managed to switch the PC off only by keeping the on button pressed, it eventually faded.
Whilst at work my PC switched itself on again and when I came home it was making the same loud PSU noises with flashing lights at the front. It was like my system had spasmed and was going nowhere. I bought a new PSU from PC world which unlike the old PSU had an on/off switch on the PSU.
Without touching the main PC button at the front, I flicked the switch on the PSU and life spread through the PSU & the Processor fan..........and nothing else, same flashing lights, no boot up, no nothing, same kind of spasm as before without the noise. Reading another post, I removed all periferals exept my hard drive, I also gradually removed all my cards as I didn,t need them to get the machine to attempt a boot up. I even changed the RAM....same problems as before.
Having just about isolated everything, I am left with the hard drive, the motherboard, the processor and the small battery on the motherboard.
I am now open to suggestions......


  foxman318 20:25 01 Nov 2006

I forgot to mention, the only way to switch the machine on & off is via the PSU switch. The normal on/off button on the front is ineffective..


  phil46 21:01 01 Nov 2006

Sounds like your PSU has gone this in turn could have damaged your MOBO,not wise to leave your PC switched on 24HRS.

  terryf 21:06 01 Nov 2006

Agree with phil46 unless anybody thinks differently, if the worst comes to the worst, it may be better to click here? and get another machine, I find them reasonably priced, 2 items I have bought this week have turned up the day before promised, my son buys from here for his business and is satisfied with the machines

  terryf 21:22 01 Nov 2006

For £293 you could get Maxdata Intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz 512MB DDR 160GB SATA DVD-RW 16x Dual Layer,7in1 Card Reader, floppy disc drive, XP Home 3 Years Warranty from the site I gave above

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:03 01 Nov 2006

Reset the BIOSby removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes.

Check that the Options "wake from LAN" are NOT enabled.

  foxman318 22:17 01 Nov 2006

I have heard that a battery may have a life of only 3 years or so, is it possible that a dead battery could cause this problem?

  woodchip 22:37 01 Nov 2006

Yes I would say the mobo as gone, but it surprised me that it turned off by holding the start button. As this normally will not work if it's gone.

Before you go buy any more things can you remove the ribbon wire from the hard drive. and then try starting to see if you get anything on screen

  woodchip 22:39 01 Nov 2006

PS also remove any PCI cards but leave the Graphics in. With the above you should be able to get to BIOS if you get anything on screen

  foxman318 23:23 01 Nov 2006

If I decide to go for a new tower can anyone recommend a top end machine for gaming - Flt Sims & 1st person shooters etc.

Afternote, my better half is begining to suspect I sabotaged my own machine to get a new one. Unheard of...no man would do such a thing!!


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