PC Fails To Boot Up

  johnny handler 23:42 21 Jan 2004

System: Abit KT7A-RAID, Athlon 1.2Ghz, seagate 30Gb HDD, Soundblaster card, ATI Rage 128 graphics card.


* PC shuts down during boot up at various stages, reset won't work and power switch don't work, have to turn power off and then on at rocker switch at back.
* Eventually this gets worse until finally the PC won't boot at all.
* First time this happened I replaced the power supply which worked, this time it didn't. All that happens is the fans spin for an instant and then stop, no boot occurs and I have to switch off at the rocker power switch at the back before I can get back to the same situation.

I had narrowed it down to either the mobo or hard drive by removing all PCI cards, except graphic for monitor.

For a similar problem in another forum I found a suggestion that it may be bad RAM, but this didn't work for me. Any help would be appreciated.


  woodchip 23:48 21 Jan 2004

Seems linked to your power supply

  gold 47 00:36 22 Jan 2004

AS woodchip has said it sounds like your power supply has failed it is however worth checking your mobo connection is it pushed home? is your mains lead to the tower damaged? and has it got a 3amp fuse in? if you have a 13amp in you might have fried your mobo if there was a fault unknown to you.

  johnny handler 22:05 22 Jan 2004

Thanks for the suggestions.

I'm on my second new power supply now, i.e. thats the first thing I replaced as this solved it last time.

However, the light at the front of the box comes on when the rocker at the back is turned on so I presume the board, etc is getting power, am I correct?

I've tried another known good HDD, but same response. It's almost as though it tries to boot then shuts down, could it be a faultly HDD triggering the cpu to shut down?

Can you boot a computer without a working HDD?

Is it more likely to be the mobo, or even the cpu fried?

  johnny handler 22:10 22 Jan 2004

Forgot to mention I have tried disconnecting then reconnecting the power supply plug to the mobo and it seems pushed home. I've checked the lead plug and it has a 5amp fuse, is it still possible the mobo could have been fried?

  woodchip 23:54 22 Jan 2004

Recheck CPU motherboard settings, Jumpers and BIOS

  DieSse 00:46 23 Jan 2004

Yes you can boot a system without a hard drive, - best to leave a floppy on however, and a boot disk in it.

Sounds a lot like the motherboard, or less likely the processor.

Try removing and refitting the processor - try clearing the CMOS using the clear jumper - then, other than that there's no way to test if it's the motherboard except to change it.

  johnny handler 21:12 23 Jan 2004


Thanks for the suggestion, how do I do this?


  johnny handler 21:15 23 Jan 2004


I haven't tried removing/refitting processor, will try this and let you know.


  johnny handler 22:51 31 Jan 2004

Have now tried removing/refitting cpu. Now fans don't even spin, nothing, it's dead! Am losing all hope, especially as I noticed brown resin-like stains on parts of the board. I think the mobo must be fried.How can I confirm this?

Thanks for everyones suggestions.


  DieSse 23:10 31 Jan 2004

"I think the mobo must be fried.How can I confirm this? "

You can't really - only by putting all the existing parts into a new motherboard - then if it all works, the conclusion is that the motherboard is faulty.

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