PC to factory settings

  scooter1957 13:19 09 Oct 2008

Hi out there i have had to put my PC back to factory setting. I have backed every thing up on a hard drive. Could some one explain how i get it all back on the PC as it was before if possible.
I use Norton 360 2.0 and windows vista.Do i just copy to c drive.or can it be done all at one time.
Cheers Scooter

  Rahere 13:51 09 Oct 2008

I think it depends how you backed up the data.

You have two options - use the software in Vista to restore everything or manually copy folders over

if you used the software in vista - Complete PC Backup - you can't select indivdual files just the whole backup....You can access it from the Backup and Restore Center by clicking Start | All Programs | Maintenance.

OR Backup Status and Configuration page by clicking Start | All Programs | Accessories | System tools.

The other method will take more time but you have more control...

Hope this helps

  Pineman100 13:59 09 Oct 2008

As Rahere has said, it would help to know how you backed up your data.

Did you just manually copy your data folders/files from your C: drive to an external hard drive? If so then you simply need to copy them back again, exactly as they were.

For example, you'll find that your repaired installation of Vista contains a folder called Documents. This same folder should exist as part of your backup. Make sure that all of the contents of the backup Documents folder are copied back into the new Documents folder on your C: drive.

  scooter1957 16:01 09 Oct 2008

Hi thank you for your help when Norton ask me to back up files i back them up to an external 250gb hard drive i triad what rahere said and it said there is no back ups on this computer and when i triad to go to external hard drive i still could not get to back up files is this any help.
Cheers Scooter

  woodchip 16:06 09 Oct 2008

All programs will have to be reloaded if you did not create a Image of the Drive when it was working okay

  Rahere 16:08 09 Oct 2008

You mention Norton - what program did you use?

  Rahere 16:12 09 Oct 2008

Darn I clicked too quickly ....

Have you tried using the original Norton program to restore the files you copied to the external drive?

this is the way they would like you to do it as I guess it's in a format specific to that program....

  scooter1957 21:23 09 Oct 2008

Hi all I restored PC to factory setting.I went in to Norton and got the back up files on PC. I went in to set up the Internet it went OK put now when i close
Internet explorer it says Internet explorer not working it did not do this before
it does not seem the same know
any help out there. what started this was this morning i was doing a defrag and the PC just stop half way though and after that it would not start? .Cheers Scooter

  scooter1957 18:18 10 Oct 2008

Hi out there all ok and working. i looked on the help room about iternet explour and found out how to reset internet explour.Thank You all for your help great fourm Cheers Scooter

  David4637 15:20 12 Oct 2008

I suggest in future you consider buying then using ACRONIS, you would not have to go through this torterous route again. David

  Pineman100 17:30 12 Oct 2008

Acronis True Image is brilliant software, and invaluable if you want to restore your computer to the state it was in when you last created a system image.

But it won't necessarily help if you want to format your hard drive and reinstall a new, clean version of Windows.

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