ShIvZ 10:47 11 Oct 2007

I turned my pc on yesterday, and it was fine then all of a sudden it crashes, keyboard, mouse everything crashes...So i restart my pc...But then i couldn't get past the "windows is loading" screen when booting my pc up...So i formatted my pc..And it worked..Then I got onto my pc for the rest of the day, i installed Windows SP2 and restarted my PC and same error occured...Then, i turned it for a bit, and now all i get when i turn it on, is a big screeching sound coming from inside my PC...But i don't know where abouts it is coming from. It turns on, makes a big sound, stops then carries on..It keeps doing that until i turn it off again. Nothing appears on the screen. PLEASE HELP ME!! I really don't know what to do.

  DieSse 11:06 11 Oct 2007

A very loud sound which stops/starts is often a faulty power supply. The other possibility is a mechanical problem such as a fan, or even a hard drive - but if it's regular, then most likely the PSU

Is it under warranty?

Can you describe ot in more detail pleae - how loud, how long are the sounds/quiet bits in between - does it sound mechanical or an electronic sound - any more clues.

  ShIvZ 18:18 11 Oct 2007

"A very loud sound which stops/starts "

Yes but it isnt a faulty power supply or harddrive i have tested both, with other harddrives and power supplies

It isn't under warranty
It is very loud, The sound lasts around 5seconds then stops for about 2seconds then starts again.
I think an electronic sound but not 100% sure.

As i said i tried a different HDD and power supply, so they aren't faulty.

I really need help!!
Please help :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:51 11 Oct 2007

Sounds as if it could be an overhaet warning.

Is the fans turning on both the CPU and graphics card?

  GEEKSTA 18:53 11 Oct 2007

have u made sure nothing is loose inside your pc?

  ShIvZ 19:23 11 Oct 2007

Reply to Fruit Bat /\o/\ : The fans are working, and there is no fan on my graphics card. But the 2 fans inside my PC work fine.

Reply to GEEKSTA : There is no wires loose in my PC i checked about 200000 times :)

  DieSse 19:34 11 Oct 2007

The same sound that indicates a faulty PSU can also indicate a fan or temperature alarm.

It's possible a fault on the motherboard could cause the PSU to be overloaded, and give out it's alarm too.

Unfortunately you might just have to change item by item to find out what the faulty part is.

Take out everything you don't need - plug-in boards, all except one stick of RAM, all drives except floppy - and see what happens.

  ShIvZ 22:01 11 Oct 2007

I done that, and it didn't work...I found this on the internet though..

click here

Think it is helpful?

I was wondering if anyone could help me with it though. Explain it to me in simple terms.

  woodchip 22:06 11 Oct 2007

Check the CPU Fan is working as it should, also check Graphics fan if it as one

  ShIvZ 22:35 11 Oct 2007

Checked them, they are both spinning around if thats what your asking, i found out my motherboard/bios name it is : L4S5MG3
If that is at all helpful to you.

  DieSse 00:38 12 Oct 2007

Here are Award BIOS beep codes - click here you will see that continuous on/off beeps are probably due to bad memory.

Your board does have an Award BIUOS

You described it as a load screeching, which is not what normal POST beeps sound like, and is more the description of a mechanical noise.

However if it is just a beep code, then you probably need to change the RAM - or it's a motherboard fault.

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