PC dragging its feet, what else can I try?

  B54 17:02 27 Jan 2008

My pc is running extremely slowly (homepage can take up to 3 minutes to load), I clik on drop down tab eg favourites and the drop apear and disappear so you have to very quickly slide the cursor over the list that the list stays long enough for you pick your item. I think is has been slowing down for a long time but I only realised how badly it was behaving when I couldnt read PDF files. I tried installing Adobe Reader 8 and I couldnt - nor would it let me uninstall Adobe 7.
My partner started working from home a few months ago so the PC could be on all day with an open browser so he can log on the the office's server.

I run XP, with Virgin's PC Guard - I don't think I have much faith in it but it does daily scans.
AVG - but that wont let me run scheduled scans so I have to remember to do it manually and the reports seems to be stuck on a last scan date of 27/9/07 so Im not really sure if it is working.
I manually.
I manually run Cleanup! at the end of each day that I use the PC (at least twice a week some times daily); when I have time CCLeaner; weekly AdAware and SpywareBlaster. After going through the tips in here I've added SuperAntispyware which I've run 4 times since yesterday and RegScrubXP (Pro Trial)which identified 87 issues and only fixed, as it appeared to stick I unplugged from the Internet and left it on overnight and it crashed. Tried unticking some of the boxes and it still crashed.
I added a2 - all that identified was a games downloader and all the other antispy ware and stuff already in quarantine.

I tried to download Adobe 8 yet again and this time got error message 1714 so followed instruction and downloaded WinInstall Cleanup. I used this to get rid of Adobe 7 - it is now no longer listed in add/remove programms, and was able to get Adobe 8. I looked in programme files and Adobe 7 is still there with all its components.

I have uninstalled the only programme that has been added since the problems began - the only thing left is a DVD game.

What else can I try so I can get my life back?

  B54 17:09 27 Jan 2008

Sorry I just remembered - some times it wont shut down for ages so I turn off at mains; I tried to contact a website and it would not accept me as it says my ip is logged as running spam!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:14 27 Jan 2008

Start - Accessories - Stsyem Restore - pic a date before your PC problems began.

  p;3 17:15 27 Jan 2008

please clarify; do you have Both Virgin PC Guard antivirus ANG AVG antivirus on that computer?

  stylehurst 17:16 27 Jan 2008

You say you are running PC Guard & AVG; these are both anti virus programs & you should never run multiple anti virus programs on the same PC, asking for trouble.
PC Guard is not a bad program, it does what it claims. You will have to choose between these 2 programs you can't have both.
Adobe 8 requires quite a high spec machine, you may be better off with an older version.
Other problems may be due to the spec of your machine, also how long is it since you did a complete re-install.

  p;3 17:17 27 Jan 2008

mine should read

do you have avg antivirus and PCGuard antivirus installed on that computer ?

that is ; you have TWO antivirus programs 'protecting 'the one computer? is that correct?

  B54 17:36 27 Jan 2008

Yes I do have them both running more or less. I say that because AVG doesnt seem to do anything unless I manually scan my pc. But I've had them running for over 6 months before the PC started playing up, but I will uninstall AVG - are u sure PCGuard is okay cos it slow and taking ages to load and that was before my probs started.

Define Hi spec? - my PC is one of PC Advisors best buys circa 2003 that is severely under used. It was rebuilt in 2005 as various bits burned out.

Fruit Bat/\o/\ I have been follwing your advice from Last Sept, but problems is I dont remember when it started playing up so it would just be pick a date and hope, plus I'd probly do what ever I did to to upset it again. Thats why Im hoping for a 'cure'.

  p;3 17:40 27 Jan 2008

from what you are saying you are most probably quite badly infected and will need a bit of help getting cleaned up; you have already run (or tried to)some quite decent programs so a next step I suggest might be to go to either
click here

click here
and seek expert help to sort out this mess;

meanwhile IF the computer will let you, run an on line scan from trend

click here this might take some time to load and run so be patient with it

one hopes you are on XP SP2 and all your windows updates are up to date?

meanwhile one presumes you are NOT doing any emailing via OE or any other computer based client or MSNing ?

  p;3 17:52 27 Jan 2008

of interest, if you look in system restore, how far back does it have available dates to roll back to?

  Gongoozler 17:55 27 Jan 2008

B54, having 2 antiviruses running is guaranteed to give problems, and either AVG or PCGuard alone is better than running both together.
The first thing I suggest you do is to click Start - Run. Type into the box "msconfig" (without the inverted commas, then OK. select the Services tab. Click in the Hide All Microsoft Services box. Then click Disable All. OK out of the System Configuration Utility and restart your computer. You will get warnings that you have used the System Configuration Utility to change your computer settings, but don't worry about it. If the system is faster, re-enable a few at a time until you find the culprit. But don't go back onto the Internet without re-enabling one of your antivirus programs. Decide which Antivirus you want to use, and either leeve the other disabled or even better uninstall it.

  woodchip 17:58 27 Jan 2008

instead of adobe download this click here

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