pc doesn't speak 2 monitor

  canard 17:32 03 Oct 2005

This is a new HP WINXP PC [not mine]. After a fortnight the PC works, the monitor works but nothing appears on screen. Different monitor produces same no anything. Have suggested try old monitor cable. If this doesn't do the trick what other options should be tried? All I can think of is dodgey graphics card.

  MAJ 17:44 03 Oct 2005

They would also be my first guesses, canard.

  MAJ 17:45 03 Oct 2005

Also check that the graphics card is seated properly in the slot.............. it could be a faulty slot as well.

  mattyc_92 17:49 03 Oct 2005

It could be....

- Memory problem

- Graphics Card (as you said)

- Graphics Card (or something else) isn't fitted properly (as MAJ suggests)

- Motherboard error

- and this is a one off, but I have had this problem through a dodgy Hard-Disc.

You have your work cut out for you.... I would just contact the company that you brought it from, or the manufactor directly so that you don't VOID a warrenty that may exist.

  mattyc_92 17:50 03 Oct 2005

forgot that it can also be a BIOS problem.

  canard 23:10 04 Oct 2005

Thanks everyone for the bad news! It's a sad story- young teenager was sent wrong BB installation kit but didn't realise. The software was installed and zeroed her PC. It turned out that she had been sent the disc for TV stuff. After a lengthy wrangle the PC was replaced -happiness and homework done at home again. Two weeks later the PC has stopped talking to the monitor- super customer service all round!

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