PC Doesn't Boot On First Try

  rotate 16:01 26 Apr 2004

This is a strange one.
My daughters PC (Pentium III 700mMhz) will not boot first time. She will switch it on and everything seems to work as it should but the monitor displays ‘No Signal’ and nothing else happens. She will then press the reset button and it boots up with no problem and all works fine.
Can anyone throw any light onto why it has suddenly stopped booting up as it should first time. Nothing new has been added and there have not been any alterations to software.
The OS is Windows XP Pro.

  SANTOS7 16:14 26 Apr 2004

Try the connection on back of tower, may be loose

  rotate 16:54 26 Apr 2004

Tried connection SANTOS7 and also other connections including from power supply internally. Have also reseated graphic, sound and network card but still it will not boot up first time, always when pressing the reset button. Can't understand why this has started to happen out of the blue. It is not a new PC but has given around 3 years of faithful service.

  ThePharcyde007 16:58 26 Apr 2004

tried reseting BIOS/Removing battery?

  rotate 17:30 26 Apr 2004

OK have removed battery and also reset with jumper. Put it all back together again and it still does not boot first time. Pressed re-set button and then had to reset bios/time/date etc as you would normally after re-setting the bios. Scratching my head on this one now well and truly.

  Quiller. 17:50 26 Apr 2004

The hard drive may be getting a bit long in the tooth and take longer to spin up.

When you do the restart and it boots, enter the bios.

Now look for the enable fast boot option, usually under advanced cmos settings and disable it. This will give you peripherals more time to catch up. It is slow but it MAY solve the problem.

  woodchip 18:00 26 Apr 2004

Try reseating the Graphics card if there is one as these work loos with the constant on off heat, they tend to push them selves out of the slot

  rotate 18:34 26 Apr 2004

I have a spare graphics card Nvidia TNT 32mb which I know is OK so I tried that and rebooted after installing the drivers. It booted up fine and I thought I had solved the problem so I shutdown Windows completly and then booted up only to find I still had the same problem. At this point I press the reset button and it will boot up without a problem. What I have found is if I restart windows it will always re-boot without a problem but if I close down altogether it will not boot up first time. Going to try 'Waiting for B.B.'s' suggestion later. It has had a new hard drive about a year ago though 40GB Maxtor 7200rpm but only to replace a 12GB one it originally had.

  woodchip 20:17 26 Apr 2004

Sounds like you need a bigger PSU

  rotate 20:35 26 Apr 2004

WOODCHIP - This is what I was thinking but Didn’t want to mention it in case it sounded silly. I haven’t got a spare PSU but when I have more time tomorrow evening I am going to take the PSU out of my own PC and try it in my daughters. My PSU is 400w. Not sure what my daughters is but I doubt it is more the 200w. Still can't help thinking though why it has worked OK all this time and then suddenly won’t boot first time unless the PSU is getting tired.
I will post the result tomorrow evening.
Thanks to everyone for suggestions and help.

  thedarkside 21:39 26 Apr 2004

I am presently having the same problem as you! It happened overnight and without warning. If the initial draw for current is too high, then the system doesn't start - reset button then does the job - this would indeed indicate that the PSU is needing a moment to stabilise. Power supplies are one of the most problematic components is a PC. Indidently, rated wattage of a PSU does not always guarentee its ability to supply current. It's always advisable to check the specs before buying.

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