PC Does not recognise SATA HDD help

  sjp101 17:48 02 May 2004

Just upgraded, built New PC and XP does not see HDD. Do I need a SATA power cable and where does it plug in, from the power to the where on the motherboard?

  duckers 18:23 02 May 2004

a SATA power cable plugs into your SATA drive and a power cable coming from the PSU, if you dont have one of these plugged in I am not surprised it doesnt work!! Yes, You need one,, Also a SATA data cable going from the drive to a SATA slot on the motherboard (I suspect you have probably plugged this in expecting it to provide power as well??)

  Rayuk 18:23 02 May 2004

If you can plug a molex power cable into the hard drive that is sufficient.
With XP just begin instal from cdrom and when it is copying files it will ask you to press F6 if you need to instal drivers for sata.Do this and when prompted use a floppy to copy files over.

  Kalb 18:23 02 May 2004

You should have a SATA data cable & a SATA power cable with the MB. The power cable is a simple adapter to the standard power plug for HDD/CD/DVD drives etc No doubt you've found the data cable connection on the MB usually behind the two IDE connectors & labelled SATA1 & SATA2. Don't do what I did & connect your CDR/RW or DVD data cable to IDE 1 as this is usually occupied by the normal/nonSATA HDD and so the SATA drive is not recognised !!
You need to go to the Bios...Integrated Peripherals and make sure that theOn Chip serial ATA settings are disabled and that the SATA mode is shown as [IDE]

  Rayuk 18:31 02 May 2004

On some boards there will be a jumper on the motherboard itself to enable sata

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