PC does not recognise Hard Drive

  BigRed069 13:35 02 Jan 2003
  BigRed069 13:35 02 Jan 2003

I have a Packard Bell Club 60 pc running Win 98 SE. I have had it for 4 yrs and just b4 xmas after turning the pc on a strange whirring noise occurred in the Hard Drive. I was asked to use the boot floppy, which I did, but got a message telling me I had no hard drive. I have changed the internal lithium battery, since then, but still no luck. I had been thinking of upgrading my hard drive etc., but is there anything i can do in the meantime so i can at least backup my personal documents etc.
Thanks for your help.

  marmaduke smallbore 13:44 02 Jan 2003

Ouch...if your hard drive is making a horrible noise...that sounds as serous as you can get?

Try the Hrd drive's Manufact web site for any support they can give.

Obvioulsy you back up your files on a reg basis???? Just what you want to hear huh?

There are many specialist firms that you could sen your hard drive to in order to retrieve your files...be perpared to pay though!!!

It might be worth trying to go into the Bios (hit the del key as your PC boots up.) and see if your Hard drive is recognised and configured correctly there? I belive the Primary Hardrive should be listed as LBA....I am sure all the BIOS experts will come in on this one now.

Also check yoour Hard drive cables and make sure they are connected to the drive and the Mother Board Correctly...like wise with the Power cable to the drive

Other than that...bit the bullet....wished you'd backed up.... and fit a new Hard drive I guess.

Good luck

  siarad 13:48 02 Jan 2003

The noise may not be so serious as it could be the BIOS seeking for it. As above check the relevant BIOS section for recognition

  Switcher 14:08 02 Jan 2003

It sounds as though your hard drive is "goosed" BUT as suggested the noise may just be the bios searching for the hard drive.

Before you give up on the drive there are a number of checks you can make.

1. Check the connections to your HDD both the power supply cable and the Signal(Ribbon) cable.

2. If possible try your hdd in another PC

3. Try another HDD in your PC

IF 2 is successful then your problem is not the hard drive.

If 2 is unsuccessful and 3 is successful then most likely your hdd has failed.

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