pc disposal weee regulations

  dunc1234 12:49 03 Jul 2007

How do i dispose of a pc and what are the reposibilities of a small pc builder.

With EU law weee regualtions becoming law today i'm concerned on how to "recycle" or dispose of electrical equipment.

For example i have a condemned pc which i need to dispose of, which is about seven years old. to recycle it, i would have to change the mobo, memory, cd drive and harddrive and psu, basically everything apart from the case. so i would consider this to be non-recycleable, so how or where do i take it for the components to be recycled, is this done at the local tip?
is there a charge for this?

after looking at "charity donations" they put a minimum specification of a pentium 3 for them to accept!!

Now if i buy in the parts and build someone a custom pc ( i do about 5 a year and i am self employed doing pc repairs), do i have to explain to the customer that they can return it to me in several years time when it no longer works (or no longer works to their satisfaction), can i charge for them returning it to me?

How do my customer base dispose of their old computers if i have changed say a cd writer in there now defunct system?

any clarification or help on this subject is appreciated.


  P1d 13:30 03 Jul 2007

Good question Dunc.

Here's a couple of links, the first one listing companies who will recycle for you;

click here

And this one, based in Shropshire, does everything from collecting your equipment to destroying the HDD (if required);

click here

I hope this answers some of your points, I'm sure others will be able to help too.

  crosstrainer 13:42 03 Jul 2007

Here in Cardiff (and i'm pretty sure most places now) I simply take the unwanted kit, be it PC's tv's etc. to a designated tip where they have a large shipping container. The kit goes into the container and is then sent for recyclying.

I would contact your local council and ask if they operate such a scheme in your area. Chucking it in the green bin is not an option!

  woodchip 14:02 03 Jul 2007
  dunc1234 14:20 03 Jul 2007

thanks for the responses so far, the main point is the local tip which has the bin for electrical components as mentioned by crosstrainer, however to my knowledge (although i'll try and check this) they don't allow trade waste, so this goes back to my point of people returning (pc's i build now) to me in the future.

the links provided have been good for recyclers but the all charge (which is fair) for collection/recycling however if i allocate say £10.00 on a build now for future disposal, how do i know that this £10.00 will cover costs in several years time. Bear in mind that i used to have a skip when landfill tax came about in the 1990's and the price of a skip being emptied went from about £20.00 to nearly £100 overnight.

Woodchips link gives a rundown on weee regs which is fairly typical of the links that i have found which basically says you must dispose/recycle appropiately but don't give answers in anyway to the questions i posed at the beginning.

my last comment on parts replacement, am i or the end user responsible for disposal i think needs some debate.

i have upto now used the local tip(recycle centre) to get rid of duff pc's monitors as a "joe public" person, as it is very occasionally that i need to, i certainly wouldn't use the wheelie bin ;o)

i'm happy to keep this topic open for a while for future comments and advice but most i think has been covered

thanks to all so far

  crosstrainer 17:32 03 Jul 2007

I build too, if you are not careful, you end up with tons of kit around the place (in my case it ends up at home) I think breaking it down into component parts and taking it to the designated tip is fine... We are still doing are bit, and provided we do not take 100 old machines at once, should be ok.

  dunc1234 09:29 04 Jul 2007

generally i think we have covered the subject and raised necessary points and issues and resolved some of them, as a small builder i think the answer is to use the local tip and keep quiet about it being trade waste, although this might seem unethical, i think its far better than it being secretly skipped.
Hopefully in the near future a better information will be available about recycling for small builders like myself and enthusiasts on how to follow these regulations

regards to all


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