PC DIMWIT AT WORK - please help

  shaggy0056 02:56 09 Feb 2005

Hi all!

As the title says I'm a complete PC bozo! That being the case, could someone answer the following question...

Looking to upgrade graphics card. At the moment I've just got a Geforce2 MX (PCI). I'm not after anything completely outrageous, just something I can play the latest games on to a reasonable graphics standard. I'd be perfectly happy with a 2nd hand card for around the £60 mark. Any recommendations on what I should buy?

Spec: Athlon XP2000+
512mb RAM 133Mhz
Jetway V266B mobo

Thanks in advance!

  end 07:59 09 Feb 2005

you might like to learn something about thread titiles from this ofclick here F.E "s

to help members to more effectively help you with your problems::))

and a title perhaps along the lines of "advice on upgrading graphics card needed " might be more appropriate; and the problem itself,sorry, but I am unable to help with ; but am sure some one will be ::)))

(unless you wish to close and tick this thread and begin again:) )

  groundhog 08:13 09 Feb 2005

After a quick Google

Your mobo will support an AGP X4 graphics card are you sure your graphics card is a PCI version.

However for the money your talking about you should be able to buy a brand new card but you will need at least 128Mb or better AGP x4 Card

But before you buy check out this site for info on your Mobo click here

  Gongoozler 08:14 09 Feb 2005

Hi shaggy0056, your question is almost like asking how long a piece of string do I need. Tell us what type of games you want to play and what sort of resolution and refresh rate you want to achieve. Graphics cards can cost up to £400, so it's very difficult to give meaningful advice without knowing more about your requirements.

  Jackcoms 08:59 09 Feb 2005

And if you are at work, why are you playing games?

  Storik 11:37 09 Feb 2005

click here

If you end up on Simply's Home page, the code for this is 49820 - type it in the box (top left).

Nothing fantastic, but does come bundled with some decent software and, providing you are running XP installs without problems. Should do what you want it to do.


PS. If you had put "Graphics Cards" in your title, it might have been more helpful - but never mind eh?

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