pc for digital camcorder

  fstr 11:46 13 Jan 2003
  fstr 11:46 13 Jan 2003

since I build my own computers a relative asked me if I could build one for him. But he wants it for editing video as he is a keen amateur movie maker. He intends to purchase a new digital camcorder for this purpose. I have no idea what sort of hardware or software is required for this purpose and I would really appreciate any advice before I think about starting this. I know it is a bit of cheek asking someone to almost design a system for me but any help would be great. Thank you in anticipation.

  cherria 12:14 13 Jan 2003

There are some key requirements for capture and editing of DV from a DV Camcorder.

1. IEEE1394 (AKA firewire, AKA iLink) port to connect the camcorder to the PC
2. Fast Processor (If you're doing conversion of the raw captured video which will likely be in AVI format to MPEG-2 or the like then raw processing power is what you want lots of.
3. Lots of RAM, think 512Mb+, again helps with the video processing
4. Lots of Storage (Think 1Mb per second for a high quality captured AVI so 4Gb per Hour of video
5. CD or DVD writer to store the video on.
6. Video card is fairly unimportant (video capture and playback has no 3D video requirements)

  scotty 12:18 13 Jan 2003

Check what these guys have to say on the sunject: click here

They are also good for tips on getting video editing to work.

  MichelleC 14:30 13 Jan 2003

Also 2nd hd, dedicated for dv work - keeping main dv editing software prog on 1st hd and data on 2nd. Pinnacle, Ulead and Sonic Foundry are all good.

Make sure the dv camcord has 'in' enabled if you want to print to tape.

  Patr100 14:53 13 Jan 2003

Just to agree with above - Any 32mb video card will more than suffice and emphasise that you can't really have too much storage when it comes to Video editing so go for as big a hard disk as you can afford (at least 80Gig but much more if you can) - or a second dedicated drive as also suggested.

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