PC device can't see Flopy Disk

  bellababy 12:56 22 Sep 2006

Does anyone have an answer for this Please.
Thought would take a look at back up on my PC using windows wizard, which eventually asked to insert a floppy disk, when I did my floppy drive didn't recognise that I had inserted one, and continued to ask me to insert a disk.

  Nitric 13:03 22 Sep 2006

There's likely to be something wrong with the disk. Floppies are an extreme liability. I wouldn't trust one for as far as I can spit. Was there a lot of, kinda, wirring when you pressed to read from the disk? If you did then the disk's buggered. You'll need to use a new floppy.

  bellababy 13:06 22 Sep 2006

No noise nothing it just can't 'see' it.

  James. 13:10 22 Sep 2006

Open the case and check that the ribbon cable is securely seated at both ends (drive and motherboard) also that the power connector is firmly attached to the drive.

  bellababy 13:17 22 Sep 2006

Gee wiz, OK may do that not just yet though. Will wait to see if there come any other simpler answers.

  sunny staines 13:31 22 Sep 2006

its pc's way of telling you the floppy is kaput.

  bellababy 13:41 22 Sep 2006

Just like that? I have hardly ever used it, come on.

  Nitric 13:55 22 Sep 2006

Well, floppies are weird. I won't pretend to know the ins and out of them, but I've had many experiences with them and I haven't had one for longer than a week. Maybe you could run whatever program it is off a CD?

  bellababy 13:56 22 Sep 2006

Your a really cheerful chappie, I would be inclined to think that James is correct as it's only a couple of weeks since I put more RAM in the PC and I may have accidentally disturbed the connections to the Floppy.

  GroupFC 14:07 22 Sep 2006

I have had any number of floppies fail on me, some that have hardly ever been used!

Have you got any others with something on that you could test to see if they can be read?

At 13:10 you were advised to check the cable, to which you replied "not just yet though". Within forty minutes, you think that that advice might be correct! - There's only one way to find out!

  bellababy 14:09 22 Sep 2006

You are unlucky then I have an old PC not up and running at the moment but I'm sure if I was to start it up the Floppy would still be OK, the machine must be nearly ten years old now.

Strange to say the Wizard option asks for a Floppy as part of creating a Start up disk, maybe this is just to boot up the machine before using the start up disk which I suppose would be on a CD or CD's. I'm a bit clueless myself, I just follow instructions to he best of my ability. Thing is if I need the Floppy to boot up then I'm stumped from the start.Or none start:-)

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