PC dead - power cut

  Rob_101 16:52 19 May 2008

After a power cut a friends PC no longer works. It makes noises so ive been told but just wont work. They're bringing it round tonight for me to have a look at. Im guessing its fried the mobo, but because its making noises, the power supply is ok? Am I right?

So do you think a new mobo will sort it out?


  Technotiger 16:53 19 May 2008

With a bit of luck it might only be the PSU.

  skidzy 17:00 19 May 2008

As techno says,could just be the psu.Thing is,it may well be a matter of elimination now.

Normally if there has been a power cut,the psu takes out the mobo also.First thing to try is use a known working psu.

  Rob_101 17:02 19 May 2008

u reckon? ok. I'll change the PSU first and see what happens. Surely if the PSU was the problem there wouldnt be any power at all though?

  Rob_101 17:02 19 May 2008

cheers skidzy ill give it a go

  Technotiger 17:03 19 May 2008

Even with a duff PSU some power will still get through.

Hi, skidzy, hope you are well.

  Rob_101 17:44 19 May 2008

Oh great! Its a Dell :( don't they have weird power supplies? Not the usual ATX ones?

  skidzy 17:56 19 May 2008

Hi Techno,yes fine here thanks,hope your ok too.


Most Dell psu's are like you said...strange sizes.

You maybe able to connect up another psu outside the case.
What i normally do is lay a piece of card on the open side of the case and connect that way when testing a psu or mobo.This will depend on if you wish to remove the mobo and cable/s lenghts.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:58 19 May 2008

Ok what noises? Fans hard drives?

What LEDs? does the DVD drive light? can you open the DVD.

It may just be monitor or graphics card.

  ambra4 18:10 19 May 2008


You must use the correct PSU from dell as the fan in the PSU help to cool the CPU via a

plastic housing

"It makes noises so I have been told but just wont work"

Before removing the power supply unit check that the unit is switching on and the

CD Rom drive light and HD light is flashing and system is booting up but no display

If that is the case check the memory chips by removing and reinstalling or try difference

memory chips which can also be a pain as not all memory will work in a dell

  woodchip 18:21 19 May 2008

My thoughts are that it as messed the Hard Drive boot files up, They are corrupt as it would most likely be writing to the disc when the power went down. You could try running Repair with XP cd if that is the OS

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