PC Dead (Again)

  Picklefactory 08:29 13 Dec 2007

Hello folks
My psu died a couple of weeks ago, with sparks from mains lead connection and a fizz/pop. Replaced psu and all was OK until yesterday, when I booted up, with no problem, but pc just cut out after about 1 minute of completing boot. Took side panel off to see if there was anything loose/dislodged from installing new psu, but could find nothing wrong, but if I try and power up, I get anything from 1 second to 20 seconds of system power before it cuts out again. Sometimes all I get is a momentary twitch of cooling fans, and it dies. Is it psu again? And if so, any ideas why they might be dying on me? I have all my pc gear (Printer, monitor etc)powered from a strip extension with surge protection (6 gang). Could that be causing me an issue?

  xania 09:57 13 Dec 2007

Doubt you have problems with the surge protection, but I am thinking that perhaps when your PSU blew it took out the motherboard as well. If you can, is worth testing the new PSU on another PC, but you can also try removing all bits from your MOBO apart from one stick of RAM and your monitor and see if matters improve.

  Picklefactory 10:09 13 Dec 2007

Thanks xania
Sorry, not sure if my explanation was very good, but I replaced psu about 2 weeks ago, and pc has worked fine since then, until yesterday. Could that still be my mobo?

  Picklefactory 17:16 13 Dec 2007

Quick update. Just got home, disconnected everything except hard drive and graphics, started it up and it died again after 1min. Removed one stick of RAM (512meg) leaving 1gig stick (Recently added about a month ago, both sticks being Crucial), started up and it died again. Swapped the RAM and put the 512 stick back in (This was original) and so far I'm still running. I've got my anti virus scanning just now, I'll report back later.

  Picklefactory 11:00 15 Dec 2007

Still fighting with it.
Doesn't seem to be memory either. I think I have a loose connection inside PSU, as it's being really weird. If I lie the pc on it's side, all is OK and I have left it running solid for about 36hrs with no issue. As soon as I stand it upright again it dies. Even if I stand it upright, first, then check everything is tight and nothing loose, it still dies, put it flat again, and all OK. I think it's just lazy.
I tried laying it flat then carefully, working my way around poking, wobbling and tugging every card and cable to see if I could duplicate issue and nothing happened until I got to PSU. But with this screwed in, I had to give it a good shake to make it cut out. Anyone think of a way I can confirm this or not, before I mess about sending PSU back with a really strange fault complaint.

  crosstrainer 11:14 15 Dec 2007

It's not conclusive, but it is possible that the blown psu took with it your new mem stick's

I would run it (leave on all day) re-boot a couple of times, and see of things are still ok. Can't discount the mobo though.

  Picklefactory 11:20 15 Dec 2007

Thanks crosstrainer. It's running now, and I'll leave it on all day while I do lovely, lovely Xmas shopping. It seems fine as long as it is flat, not upright. I forgot to mention in last post, that I have also replaced ALL my RAM, now, and all is functioning perfectly, unless I put the case vertical. Weird!!!!

  beeuuem 11:23 15 Dec 2007

I would love to know when you find an answer as my sisters PC is the same.
It has been running for a couple of months on its side without missing a beat. Stand it upright and it won't boot up!

  Picklefactory 11:27 15 Dec 2007

I'm so tempted to open up the PSU, but that would invalidate my warranty, so can't. But my thought is that something could be loose inside, and shorting or touching the case in one orientation and not another. I don't have time now, but later I think I shall take PSU from pc case and fire her up with PSU 'detached' to see if I can recreate issue by rotating that alone. I'll report back later today.

  Picklefactory 14:14 31 Jan 2008

Just in case you're still interested, I never completely solved this, but my pc is now running fine in the vertical position. However, my PSU is upside down in the case and, hence, not secured as the screws have nowhere to go.
My opinion is still that there is something loose and shorting inside the PSU.

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