PC dead after cutting out a couple of times / XP in Win 7

  Joe G 23:11 31 Jan 2012

Over last few weeks the power has cut out from my tower PC a few times. It now won't start at all. I read elsewhere that this is likely to be the PSU going - is this the most likely cause? - if so it is probably worth me replacing which I have been told is an easy job - is there anything I should know before I try to take it out and go to the shop?

I've also been told it could be the motherboard and if so its not worth me repairing as it is about 8 years old (Athlon 3000 processor so showing its age!)

If I do need a new PC I have a programme that believe will only run on XP (I checked there are no new drivers for the programme - Magix Music Studio 11). Is there an XP comatible mode in Windows 7 or ould I need a dual boot system to run this

Thanks for any advice

  robin_x 23:35 31 Jan 2012

Check the mains plug fuse first. But it could well be the PSU. Or the off/on switch?

Some ideas

W7 Home has a Compatibility Mode which may work.

W7 Ultimate and Professional also have 'XP Mode' which is a Virtual mode.

But there are free apps such as Virtualbox or VMWare Player you can use with W7 Home.

Or you can dual boot.

  markd71 23:40 31 Jan 2012

PSU about £30,Magix Music Studio free download from cnet.com

  rdave13 23:41 31 Jan 2012

As robinofloxley but if the PSU has gone it might have taken the mobo with it or the mobo is dead anyway.

  Joe G 23:46 31 Jan 2012

Thanks both - checked the plug - thought the switch could also be the problem. Been advised of a place locally who do low cost repairs so will probably take along there. Thanks for the advice re 7/XP - sounds like there are a few options there - will also investigate the Magix download to see if its the same version I have!

Cheers Joe

  Joe G 23:47 31 Jan 2012

Thanks Dave as well - my message crossed with yours - hope it hasn't taken the mobo!

  birdface 00:00 01 Feb 2012

By the time you take it to the shop and pay for repairs you would probably be better putting the cash towards a new or 2nd hand computer.

At 8 year old you may get it fixed for something else then to fail.Time to get into the piggy bank if you have one.

  Joe G 00:14 01 Feb 2012

Must admit I am torn buteman but I'd be happy if I got a couple more years out of it until just before I retire - then I want to buy a really well spec'ed machine so I can use it to write music well into my retirement - I am not planning to spend any more then £40 - £50 though on the repair otherwise as you say it would be better spent towards a new PC.

@ Mark - looks like there is Magic Music Studio and Magix Music Maker at CNET but not Magix Music Studio (which is effectively a cut down version of Logic before it was Mac only)

  birdface 10:17 01 Feb 2012

Some to have a look at and free delivery.


Remember and get the correct pin connection.I had to ask someone as I never had a clue when I ordered one.

  birdface 10:19 01 Feb 2012

Don't know why it never comes out right .looks ok before posting then it cuts half of it out.

Either copy and paste the full address into the address bar or just type in PSU Into Amazon.

  Joe G 13:02 01 Feb 2012


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