PC Cutting out after about half an hour

  Koochy 19:33 19 Dec 2006

Hi all me again, I have been given the task of looking at a friends sons desktop computer as they said it was "cutting out after about half an hours use" i asked what they meant by "cutting out" and they said the screen would just go black and shut down leaving the led lit up on the front the problem is i have now had it switched on for about 4 hours playing music and guess what all is okay. I have checked they power settings and they are all fine but i was wondering if there is such a thing as a program that would put a heavy load on to the computer so i could see if anything happens then or if anyone can advise what other avenues i should go down i would be very greatfull.

XP pro sp1
512mb ram
Pent 3 996mhz

  VoG II 19:41 19 Dec 2006

3DMark is pretty intensive click here

this any good? click here

  Koochy 19:45 19 Dec 2006

Thanks for that VoG but it says that i need to have 1GB minimum system ram and i only have 512MB to play with so will it still work?


  VoG II 19:48 19 Dec 2006
  Koochy 19:59 19 Dec 2006

Thanks for that i have downloaded it and gave it a try and all seems well up to now but i will leave it running a while longer.

Vog i will have to get back to you as i think this is gonna take a while to download as i only have a 1meg bb connection but i will leave it downloading and get back to you soonest.

Thanks Guys

  Kalb 21:07 19 Dec 2006

Where is the desktop housed at home ? Is it in a confined space ? Most desktops have ventilation holes in the side of the case as well as at the back and these do need to be unobstructed. Sounds like an overheating problem...could be a loose IDE/ATA cable obstructing the cooling fan on the processor. Have you looked inside ?

  Koochy 17:09 20 Dec 2006

Thanks for the suggestion i have had a look inside and couldn't see anything obvious and the desk top unit sits on top of a desk with an LCD monitor on top of so the vents aren't really obstructed and all fans are working okay. I have used one of those cans of compressed air and blown all the dust out of the heat sinks on the cpu.
I have downloaded the program vog advised and i am going to give that a go tomorrow as i have to go out again tonight i will post back and let you all know what the findings are but up to now i haven't actually been able to find the problem myself as the unit was running for about 5 hours last night and never cut out once.


  Koochy 11:21 22 Dec 2006

VoG™ i downloaded the bench test and ran that and still all was well so upon further investigation i found that the main power supply lead for the pc was damaged (the result of a door going over the top of it). I didn't spot this at first as i just took the tower unit home to test. So all is well now.
Thanks once again.


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