PC cutting out

  JACC 18:58 17 Jul 2005

I've just had my pc upgraded ( another hdd and 512mb ram ) Everything seems to working ok untill my son went to play his games.They seem to run normally for approx. 30mins and then the pc cuts out to the desktop or freezes . I have not seen this happen so i am taking his word for it . The fan seems to be running hard quite alot of the time when a game is running . We're using WXP Pro , AMD XP64 3000 ,1gb ram and now 3 hdd . The fan seems to be running quite hard now as i'm writing this .Hope to hear from you soon .

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:44 17 Jul 2005

Suprisingly enough Hdds do thro out alot of heat and with this weather I'm not suprised that the PC is running hot.

MMB5 motherboard monitor will check out the temperatures for you.

If it is warm try

1. good air space and flow round machine (off carpet))

2. direct a houshold fan onto your PC

3. a couple of extra case fans (£1.99) rear blowing out front sucking in.

  JACC 23:54 19 Jul 2005

motherboard monitor up and running . This time when the pc cut out i checked the temps and MM5 told me that the case temp was 45c and the cpu temp was 50c , are these too high ? The PC only seems to cut out when playing games .

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