PC Crashing In Games?

  Acer-1 22:18 08 Mar 2011

My pc crashes during playing a game ?, I have started playing rift and have recently upgraded my graphics card it all runs fine but then all of a sudden my pc just goes off like someone has turned the electric off.

Could this be the PSU ? i have a 450w psu and the graphics card i have is a radeon hd 5670 i have made sure it has all the latest drivers etc.

My computer is a Acer Aspire M7711

QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300, 2500 MHz

Motherboard Name Acer FMCP7AM

4GB DDR2 Ram


If it is possibly the PSU how would i know which one i can use instead etc?

  Audio~~Chip 22:30 08 Mar 2011

What Graphics Card have you upgrade to ?

  Audio~~Chip 22:31 08 Mar 2011

Can you try a USB memory stick/USB Flash drive in your usb port and see if it is recognised ?

  smg01 22:47 08 Mar 2011

Hi Audio it just crashed again whilst i was not in a game that time.

I tried my usb memory stick and it worked fine.

  smg01 22:48 08 Mar 2011

I am Acer-1 as well sorry to confuse anyone lol

  Audio~~Chip 23:27 08 Mar 2011

Did you remove the older Graphics driver.

The specifications for your card are here click here

The latest driver for you card can be downloaded from here click here

Check also for game updates, full virus scan.
What do you have in the way of security and which windows

  Audio~~Chip 23:31 08 Mar 2011

I notice your machine originall had a Nvidia or ATI Graphics. I suspect your older graphics was Built in. If so then you need to configure the BIOS to disable onboard Graphics. First can yo u confirm what your old graphics was

  Audio~~Chip 23:43 08 Mar 2011

or help in what to look for please ask.
Your old Graphics would have been Nvidia or ATI but before removing check with us as your motherboard chipset is also Nvidia, wouldn't like you to uninstall the wrong thing.

Also see you have a BIOS update for your motherboard but wouldn't worry about this till your crashing is sorted.

  smg01 00:41 09 Mar 2011

Hi Audio thanks for the help.

My previous graphics card was a ati radeon hd 4650 which was in from when i brought it don't think i did uninstall the old graphics driver, how would i do that?

I have AVG 9.0 and Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

  ACOLYTE 20:05 09 Mar 2011

Im not a betting man,but if i had to bet i would say your PSU is not powerful enough for the pc,i had a very similar experience with my ati card,HD 5770,i also had a 450 watt psu and my machine did the exact same thing as your is doing,i changed the psu to a 700w version and it never happened again.
For your set up i would say the lowest you wont to use is a 550wat psu,go for 6/700w if you can,leaves plenty of power to play with that way.

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