PC crashing etc

  nickedname 17:17 03 Feb 2003

I have been having problems with a PC I assembled, main parts listed below.
Problems started straight away after I first assembled PC with it sometimes rebooting before, during or just after POST and BIOS routines when running at 1660mhz [12.5 x and 133/33 fsb/pci] and only way I found to keep it running for any length of time or long enough to install an operating system was to run CPU at 1250 mhz [12.5 x and 100/33 fsb/pci, BIOS will not allow me to alter CPU multiplier - don’t know if I have to unlock CPU to change it] .
When I did get WinXP loaded it always gave an error message on startup saying that it had recovered from a serious error + frequent crashes [blue DOS screen with message saying PC has been shut down to prevent damage etc] lockups and unexpected reboots.

Parts list:
AMD Athlon XP 2000 [1.67GHZ] CPU
ASUS A7V333 mainboard.
256MB PC2700 DDR RAM, Crucial
NVIDIA GEFORCE 4 MX440 64MB AGP graphics
Seagate Barracuda ATA III HD

In trying to trace problem, so far I have:
Changed memory, originally bought generic, now using 'Crucial' and tried memory in all slots and run DocMemory diagnostic tests for about 2 hours - memory passed all tests.
Flashed Asus mainboard BIOS to latest ver, 1015
Disconnected everything from main board except hard drive and graphics card
Fitted AMD duron 750 CPU from my old PC no further crashes/lockups etc.
Fitted 250W PSU from old PC - still getting crashes etc [2000 CPU], have had 350W power supply checked with an oscilloscope and am told output 'looks clean down to a 0.5 micro second timebase but it could still have an intermittent fault.'
Tried TNT2 graphics card from old PC - no difference
Also tried the following diagnostic software:
Ontrack Systemsuit diagnostics, Sisoft sandra, PC Diagnostics, PC Certify and Prime 95, Prime 95 is the only thing that indicates a problem it always shuts down after a few mins of running 'torture test' with an error message saying 'hardware failure detected'
CPU usually runs around 50C when 'Prime 95' is in 'torture test' mode at 1660 mhz
Reinstalled winXP, clean - ie delete partition and format/install into unpartitioned drive [used ntfs file sys], WinXP no longer reports error on start up, no drivers installed and tried most of the above again - still having problems.

I don’t know anybody with a PC suitable to try the CPU in but after several weeks of pestering, the retailer (Aria technology) agreed to test the CPU and main board (at a price) and they claim that they passed a test but they will not tell me what the test was and I noticed that the CPU was still set at 1250mhz in the BIOS when I got the board back and I queried this but they claim it was tested at 1660, also found that the microphone input on the board was not working correctly when they returned it.

System does seem a bit more stable now than at first and I can sometimes get XP to run for several mins but am still getting crashes/lockups and unexpected reboots at 1660mhz and occationally at 1250, only have Nvidia graphics card drivers installed so far, all other BIOS settings are on default.

  Rayuk 17:33 03 Feb 2003

Only help I can give you is to have a look
click here

  woodchip 17:57 03 Feb 2003

CPU should be set to 133/133

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