PC Crashing - could be clock speed

  User-84C69DB0-EED7-447D-8A80E5256D755B90 22:48 27 Mar 2005

My PC keeps restarting and freezing and even provides no screen at times. If I leave it long enough and come back I can boot up ito Win XP but can't get more than 8 - 10 minutes before it reboots or freezes.

I had temporarily swapped CPU's because I had a problem with my other machine - I swapped back. On reading the mobo book I think this causes a reset of clock speeds and yes, I occasionally get something that says the Clock speeds need setting. I've tried a variety but can't get it to work. I've reset defaults, chosen "Manual", 1533mhz or 1150, the only options and tried to pick a multiplier - I still get the problem. I'm also wondering whether I have a virus (although doubt this as I keep AV sw up to date online).

Any ideas? Anyone help on what my settings should be and how I work these out. The PC has an AMD 1800 chip in it. The paperwork says 266mhz after this.

Thanks in advance.

  dan11 22:55 27 Mar 2005

The 1800+ comes in three flavours. click here
They all run at 1533Mhz. This is 11.5 X 133Mhz = 1533.

If it is set at default values i.e. 100Mhz. it would give you a clock speed of 1150Mhz.

  dan11 22:57 27 Mar 2005

Sorry it posted before finishing.lol

100Mhz X 11.5 = 1150Mhz

So it looks as if it is detecting the cpu correctley.

oh. In a way it's good it's detecting the CPu correctly but not because I'm not sure what the problem is. I can't stay logged on for long enough to find out any more.

You mention the 100mhz default and 133mhz (which would seem to tie in with the 1533 figure. What's the 266mhz mentioned on my paperwork?

sorry, having checked your link, that gives the 266 as the FSB. Thanks for your help

Anyone any clues as to my problem? It's not looking like the clock speed

  gudgulf 23:34 27 Mar 2005

Could be overheating.......is the cpu fan running? And when swapping processors you did apply a good quality thermal paste between cpu and heatsink,didn,t you?

  dan11 23:44 27 Mar 2005

These are difficult to pin down. Could be hardware.

If it is generating to much heat, this could cause those symptoms. are you sure you fitted the cpu back on correctly and did you clean and re-paste the heat sink. take the sides off and use a desk fan to blow cold air over the cpu. does this make the machine boot easier and for longer?

Might be the power supply. Disconnect any cdrom's, usb devices, pci cards ( except vga if pci), floppy drive. Try now.

Even disconnect the hard drive, boot to bios. Does it shut down from here.

How many sticks of ram do you have installed, more than one? If so take out all but one and try. Then try another single stick.

has the motherboard a cpu heat detector in the bios, what are the readings.

What is the make and model of the motherboard, how much ram do you have installed and how many sticks. What is the size of the hard drive and what optical drives do you have.

Hi, yes I did reapply thermal paste. Oddly though I didn't seem to have the same problems before I applied this - yes, I put the processor back dry but immediately checked my Asus utility - the temp. went up to about 63/64c max.

I think I will try and take bits out, just to see. Yet again this morning I managed to log in to XP but didn't get more than 5 mins, reboots give me less and less time so it could be a heat thing. Can you put too much paste on?

By the way, it has also given me a frozen screen from the BIOS..this would tend to suggest it is NOT a virus - agree? I was alerted to a possible virus when I saw lsasse.exe on one of the error messages although I'm now more inclined to believe this was a genuine report on a login being terminated as opposed to the virus of the same name.

  dan11 12:01 28 Mar 2005

" Can you put too much paste on?"

yes, I think you can.

have a look at these videos for an AMD chip. click here
I would strip the chip down, clean everything and re-paste. Then check your temps.

Yeh, I just did that. I also took out all PCI cards except the graphics card needed for the monitor, disconnected floppy drive and took out a bank of memory (one of the two 256mb banks)

I switched on & immediately opened Asus utility and watched the CPU temp. As it was cold it was only 42c - It did stay on for a while (longer it seemed. As a precaution I ran Stinger (from McAfee - standsalone virus checker (still looking for possible virus!)). I was just beginning to think that a reseat of the chip had done the trick when off it went!!

I did get an error suggesting that Stinger had encountered an error and would close (I don't think it's Stinger - it's whatever's running),then fleetingly got Generic Host process..32... and it crashed.

BTW, I noted in BIOS the CPU/PC frequency is set at 133/33, CPU/memory freq. 1:1, CPU Vcore setting is auto and CPU Vcore is 1.750v.

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