PC crashing

  tonyt1151 19:13 02 Jan 2008

Help. My desktop has suddenly started crashing. All was ok until I upgraded my memory from 512mb PC133 SDram to 2x512mb ddr sdram - an upgrade listed on a check done via the Crucial website.My mb is an Elite group ECS K7S5A 1.0. When PC crashes it says Windows has encoutered a serous error and needs to shut down to avoid damage to PC. After a few seconds I get the welcome page and can log on again. Could this be due to the upgade or is this a coincidence and I have a more serious problem

  RobCharles1981 19:17 02 Jan 2008

Hi Tony

I would double check using click here too see if the ram you had fitted is faulty if you want any further advice come back to us.


  chub_tor 19:28 02 Jan 2008

The K7S5A is agreat board (I have one in one of my PC's) but it can be a bit tricky see this link click here it has some good tips. Take a look at section 4 Troubleshooting.

You did take out the old PC133 SDram didn't you? You cannot run both DDR and PC133 at the same time.

One of the problems I encountered was that you can't have a board in the first PCI slot if you have USB operational in the BIOS. I had to move my modem to a different slot.

  skidzy 19:43 02 Jan 2008

Your board can take either sd or ddr ram,however the fault could be with the speed,though should run backward compatible.

can you list the code on the ram module itself and we can check this.

From Crucial scanner click here

  skidzy 19:45 02 Jan 2008

As pointed out by chub_tor you cannot run both at the same time,either two sticks of ddr or two sticks of sd.

  skidzy 19:46 02 Jan 2008

should read;

Use either two sticks of ddr or two sticks of sd.

  tonyt1151 19:56 02 Jan 2008

Hi Rob_25_Wales. Followed link downloaded to floppy but unsure of instructions. Says to boot from floppy. does this mean I have to go into bios and change boot sequence to make floppy 1st and then reverse boot when test are done or just restart with floppy in drive. Sorry to sound a bit thick. Yes chub_tor I did take out old memory

  skidzy 19:58 02 Jan 2008

Change the bios to boot from floppy first and reboot.

Would have been easier to use the bootable cd version but will give the same result.

Let memtest run for at least 30-60 minutes

  tonyt1151 20:01 02 Jan 2008

skidzy Didn't use Crucial memmory sticks - used PNY so will Crucial tell me what you need to know or will I have to look in PC at the sticks

  tonyt1151 20:11 02 Jan 2008

Hi guys. Getting ear ache from she that must be obeyed so will have to leave this till later. Will run test and get back to with results. I would say though crashes are random sometimes PC will run ok for hours and other times for minutes. Today for example ran for 2 hours then for 15 mins and has been ok now for 1.5 hours

  tonyt1151 19:55 03 Jan 2008

Hi guys. I have just done Memscope test and no faults were found. Could my problem be due to a slightly moved IDE connector to a HDD as the cables get in the way when accessing memory sticks

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