PC Crashing

  NDG 13:14 02 Jan 2008


I'm having trouble diagnosing the problem with my PC. It recently started crashing when I tried to burn a CD containing pictures. I did this by opening my pictures and selecting copy file, a dialog would normally appear asking me where to copy to and I select the CD drive. However now before this dialog appears the PC just crashes.

I downloaded some CD burning software and by using this rather than the method described above the PC no longer crashed.

A day later the same thing happened this time I was putting a DVD in the DVD Drive (separate to my CD drive).

At first I thought it was software related but now it doesn't appear so...

Any ideas, tips on what to do next or what it could be?


  RobCharles1981 13:38 02 Jan 2008

Any ideas, tips on what to do next or what it could be?

Yes - Do a forum search this has been coverd before.

  NDG 13:45 02 Jan 2008

Do you have a link to the previous answer? a forum search on PC crashes brings up 100's of answers...

  RobCharles1981 13:52 02 Jan 2008

Do so yourself its the only way you will learn.

  NDG 14:00 02 Jan 2008

Thanks you've gone out of your way to be helpful...

  RobCharles1981 14:23 02 Jan 2008

We all try to be helfull here but it is very good practice in future for you to be using the "forum search" box at the top of this page to look for your problem and to overcome your barier as this topic has been answerd each day on a weekly baises. With this it saves us from repeating ourselves ect.

PC Crashing Could Be:

Faulty Memory - use Memtest to check your ram for errors click here

PSU Failing? Try and use a spare psu to test.

Blocked Fans? Open up your box and check for any signs for dust and rubbish also applies for all your fans ect and clean it all out with an Aircan.

Virus or Spyware? What ever you have check for updates and do both to check for any nasties.

Repair Windows XP?

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