pc crashes when playing games...please help!!

  mrbikerdood 12:58 16 Oct 2010

Hi all,just joined,im quite new to the pc world and still learning!!

my problem is this-

i have installed on my pc-

COD 5 which plays gr8,graphics/sound awsome

Halo 2 plays gr8 even though i think the grafics for this are poor

Team fortress-steam,plays gr8!! no problems with any of the games above.

these games for some reason crash my pc....
some start off ok then freeze,or the colour distorts from a white screen/dark bule/black....some times i can still here audio but the game play stops or the pc goes back to the desk top.
the games are as follows-
Battle field bad company 2
Gears of war
Crysis-this plaedy gr8 almost right up to the end of the game then no more

My spec-
windows 7 home premium 32 bit(6.1, build 7600)
Nvidia GTX 260 -896 RAM
installed physical memory (RAM) 8 GB
total physical memory 3.25 GB
available physical memory 2.14 GB
total virtual memory 6.50 GB
available virtual memory 5.13 GB
page file space 3.25

Intel(R) Core(TM) Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz~2.7GHz,4 Core(s),4 Logical Processor(s)
phonenix technologies,LTD ASUS P5N-D ACPI BIOS Revision 1101,18/05/2009

system type X86-BASED PC
smbios Version 2.4

i managed to find the spec by goin into system information,i have3 VTune installed which i can adjust the fan,which i do when running games,temp doesnt get about 50 when fan on 80 %

resolution setting is at 1920 x 1080
color setting is at True color (32 bit)
refresh rate is 60 Hz

memory clock 1100 MHz
core clock 625 MHz
shader clock 1250 MHz
2D mem clock 250 MHz
2D core clock 300 MHz
2D shader clock 600 MHz

DirectX 11-all features enabled

your help would be greatly recieved!!

or would i need to just add another GTX 260,SLI?? which i no nothing about either,i have given all the information of my pc,i hope some one can help as its been back n forth to a repair shop and they cant resolve the problem but still charged me £250 for telling me!!!

Many thanks

  gengiscant 16:54 16 Oct 2010

You really should have no bother playing any of these games except Gears Of War which can be a pain,see this link.click here. I have got all the other games bar Crysis and can play without any bother.
Are the games fully patched?
Graphics card drivers up to date?

Adding a second card in SLI would not help with your problem the one you have is fine

  mrbikerdood 13:11 17 Oct 2010

m8 of mine came round yesterday,knws a little more than me about pc's...........

turns out i was running the wrong lead to my pc from my monitor!!
was on the old one instead of HDMI digital socket lead,now it works!!! yippee!!
but very cheesed that the repair shop didnt notice this simple problem and i could of saved all that money!!

  chub_tor 13:29 17 Oct 2010

Looking at your specs you have 8Gb RAM installed but only 3.25Gb useable because you have the 32 bit version of Windows 7. If you are able to upgrade to the 64 bit version you would be able to make full use of your 8Gb. At the moment you are not making the optimum use of what you have available.

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