PC Crash - need to find old Outlook Express stuff

  frustrated_user 11:12 07 Mar 2009

Following a recent PSU failure, our old PC is now consigned to the scrap heap.

The HDD appears to have got through the trauma unscathed, and is now residing in an external USB caddy. However there are odd discrepancies (eg, my "Favorites" are not showing in my old profile, but my Other Half's are)

I'm trying to find all my old emails. We used Outlook Express, and I'm searching for .pst files. Is this correct? I've managed to find a few of these, but none seem to have anything like as many messages as I would have expected when imported into Outlook on our Vista laptop

Should I be looking for something else?!

  Sea Urchin 11:16 07 Mar 2009

You should be looking for .dbx files

  frustrated_user 11:22 07 Mar 2009

Brilliant - will check now, thanks!

  frustrated_user 19:05 07 Mar 2009

I've found the .dbx files - thanks for the advice

Can anyone advise on how to get these into Outlook in Vista?

Guessing File>Import and Export to begin with, but not sure of which option to choose after this?

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