PC Crash

  smudge6521 08:29 09 Mar 2011

Last night whilst surfing the internet my laptop suddenly shut down for no reason. When I rebooted it a dialogue box appeared stating that there was a windows boot failure press ok. I pressed Ok as there was nothing else I could do at the time and a Disk Diagnostics box then appeared following on from this a further dialogue box comes up stating that windows has detected a hard disk problem and strongly recommends I download some software at a cost to fix the problem. I have tried rebooting in safe mode and last known configuration but still cant get rid of this problem. My laptop is running WIN XP Pro and I have no recovery disks is there anyway I can clear this problem all help greatly appreciated.

  onthelimit 08:37 09 Mar 2011

Are you able to boot into safe mode with networking at all? The fact that something is suggesting paying suggests a virus. If you are able to, try downloading Malwarebytes and running a scan.

  smudge6521 09:06 09 Mar 2011

No when I try booting into safe mode it just freezes it runs some win 32 codes on screen and goes no further

  onthelimit 09:09 09 Mar 2011

Have you left it for a while, as it can take ages to finish loading?

  smudge6521 09:11 09 Mar 2011

The antivirus I have running on my laptop was Microsoft Security Essentials, when it boots up it gets as far as the welcome screen then reverts to this dialogue box on a black screen background which says safe mode on the top and bottom of screen. I scanned it with this so called diagnositic tool and it stated it had picked up major errors, however to fix them it requests you buy a licence. At this point I took it no further and tryed rebooting many times but it just wont go away.

  smudge6521 09:12 09 Mar 2011

When you say a while I left if for 20 minutes and it just seems to be stuck at a certain point

  smudge6521 10:22 09 Mar 2011

Just managed to start it up in safe mode with networking and attempted to download malware bytes but it just binned me out. It started up with the diagnostics tool again going striaght into a scan but I closed it down and tryed to get malwarebytes and failed any more suggestions

  birdface 10:22 09 Mar 2011

Looks like you have picked up a nastie but not sure how you can fix it if the computer will not start.
is that all of the security programs you have MSE.

  birdface 10:23 09 Mar 2011

Try doing this in safe mode.

To remove false security programs

1. Turn off computer ,then turn on and start tapping F8
2. When the Advanced startup options appear Select Safe mode With Networking
3. Open internet explorer goto google.com ,download Hitman pro "32-bit or 64-bit depending on your Os"
4. Run Hitman pro ,let this scan the computer
5. Activate Free Licence
6. Reboot Pc

Infection Removed..!

  birdface 10:28 09 Mar 2011

Scroll down to Automated removal instructions and follow the directions.

click here

  smudge6521 11:35 09 Mar 2011

As I said have now managed to start the laptop but it will not let me download anything it just bins me out I will give it another go later with to see if it will download this hitman pro. I have anti virus programmes on disk would it help if I installed one of these from disk whilst in safe mode

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