PC continually restarts

  cyberphobic 06:54 27 Jan 2004

3 days ago my son's PC (Athlon 1400, PC Chips M810 mobo,256MB RAM, running XP PRO)began to reboot several times a day for no apparent reason.I have studied threads on the subject, and the two likeliest reasons seem to be overheating processor or faulty PSU. I have checked the CPU temp in the BIOS and it is 55 degrees - not too bad. I have a spare PSU which I can try, but before I do, I just wonder if anyone has any other suggestions.

  Seadog 07:37 27 Jan 2004

My sons did the same thing and it was the CPU overheating - for some reason very suddenly - seemed the heat sink wasn't sat correctly on the chip and the compound had gone hard and broken/dropped off for want of a better description. The CPU temp in the BIOS in my case was Ok when checked, probably because CPU usage was minimal, but as soon as some "load" was put on it overheating occurred.
Faulty RAM can also give rise to restarting problems I was also told - try removing/replacing it if possible.
If the PSU is faulty, in my (limited!) experience, if this fails it usually dies completely/blows a fuse/fries the motherboard or similar.......................

  xania 09:06 27 Jan 2004

I had the same problem with my wife's PC. Traced the problem to a faulty fan on the motherboard - yes the motherboard itself had a fan (but not me - ha! ha!). Seriously, having replaced the PSU without success, checked all the other connections etc, I can to the conclusion that the mobo was probably damaged when the fan went AWOL and used the excuse to upgrade both motherboard and CPU. Problem gone!

  DRiM 15:34 27 Jan 2004

I hade exactly the same problem, drove me nuts!!! I changed the hard drive, the memory, the modem, all to no avail!

Eventually, I removed the CPU fan and heat sink, removed all the dust etc,

When it came to refitting I was convinvced it had been fitted wrongly, so the heat sink didn't make proper flat contact with CPU, due to raised lip on egde of the CPU mounting.

I fitted it the right way round and it has been perfect since.

May not be the problem, but worth a check.


  Mike ® 15:45 27 Jan 2004

Goto control panel/system/advanced tab, then press settings (startup and recovery) and under system failure untick automatically restart.

This should give you a good old fashioned bsod with an error number ect, which you could post here or Googele it.

  Mike ® 15:46 27 Jan 2004

Googele this is the French version of Google lol.

  cyberphobic 15:36 31 Jan 2004

Thanks to you all for your suggestions (I've been away for a couple of days hence the delayed response!)
CPU looks favourite then, will get some thermal paste and try that.

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