Pc constantly restarts even in safe mode-HELP!!

  buel 19:27 05 May 2009

Hi, my brother brought his pc to my house, it is a compaq and when i start it up it goes to the black screen where the options are safe mode, safe mode with networking etc etc, no matter what option i choose it still restarts back to the compaq screen and then the black sreen again!
Has anyone any ideas how to get out of this loop please?

  woodchip 19:46 05 May 2009

Do you have a Operating System CD same one as on the computer that as the Problem? XP home etc.

If so start the computer with the CD in the Drive, choose setup, it will check the drive for a Operating System and it will show you what you have on the drive, click on the one it finds to select it, then press R for Repair

  wee eddie 20:02 05 May 2009

Sometimes, when you move a PC, the bumps and vibrations loosen the Cards and RAM.

It could be well worth taking the sides off and Re-seating the lot.

Remember to turn everything Off and to earth yourself before starting.

  buel 20:18 05 May 2009

Hi again, unfortunately i do not have the os cd that came with the pc. Could it possibly be a virus of some kind?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:31 05 May 2009

Unlikely a virus

more likely a corrupt windows file hence the need for a repair install.

  buel 20:33 05 May 2009

I do have a 'recovery disk' from a laptop i have?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:28 05 May 2009

The recovery disk from a different type of machine will not work as all the drivers will be wrong.

  buel 21:36 05 May 2009

Could you then change the drivers? Or is that way too much trouble?

  woodchip 09:01 06 May 2009

AS above a Restore CD from another Computer cannot be used, Drivers cannot be changed as windows knows what it needs to communicate with hardware in that computer

  woodchip 09:09 06 May 2009

What you could do is download this click here Then put a CD in your computer ether double click on the download to start NERO running as Windows will know if you have NERO on your computer or if you do not have it. You need to get software or the Burning software you have may let you create a ISO IMAGE from the Download. After that you need to start the computer with the CD in the Drive and try from List of things it offers, I was Having a look in Google Last night and it could be a Virus also. But there are AV programs on the CD. You need to try different things to get it going. But the Easy way would have been with the OS CD and do a Repair. You may be able to borrow a CD of same OS the Key will be on the computer if you need to load it

  buel 11:33 06 May 2009

Thanks for that Woodchip, i believe the pc does indeed have Nero on it, i shall try that later tonight! i shall also ask my brother if he has any of the cds or dvds that came with the pc, it is only 3years old! it does have a licence on the case too so maybe all is not lost eh? he is rather keen to get his family pics off there you see! just a point- his i.explorer took over 10seconds to load every time for the last few weeks and for the last few days had problems shutting down, does this help? Thank you so much for your help!

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