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  jesta 18:46 23 Jan 2005

does anyone know a pc company that has sli technology pc as well as a nice gaming case e.g. thermaltake tsunami,etc. that costs around £1300. i checked many websites but they cost quite a bit like Armari.please help!

  johnnyrocker 18:58 23 Jan 2005

you could click here and see if they can help.


  citadel 19:01 23 Jan 2005

You may have a local computer shop that can build you a pc with all the stuff you want installed. I recently had one built to my specs and it cost a lot less than a similar pc that you can buy on the highstreet, plus if anything goes wrong to can easily take it back. Also it will not have any software installed that you may never use.

  jesta 19:12 23 Jan 2005

bigred is very expensive and hasnt got any sli technology pc's,thanks for the help tho.does anyone know if mesh does any other alternate case?i was going to go for carrera but for some reason i cant get onto their site and recently heard they have been taken over....ummm is that good or bad??

  fuzzyone 19:15 23 Jan 2005


carrera has recently went into liquidation.

You could have a look here.click here

  TOPCAT® 19:16 23 Jan 2005

Currently there are only a few SLI enabled motherboards out there, with the Asus A8-SLI Deluxe PCI Express 939 being rated the best so far. This 'board is used in the Mesh FX55 SLI which is advertised in the latest PCA magazine. Somewhat over your budget at £1699, but it's a very powerful machine I think.

Very shortly there will be a spate of new SLI 'boards on offer from the mainstream makers. It might be worth waiting awhile to see how things develop on the SLI front. TC.

  jesta 20:05 23 Jan 2005

ok,thanks for posting everyone im going to keep this discussion open to see if anyone else has a good recommended company.does anyone know how good click here is?

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