PC Closing down - still require help.

  jamesy74 22:32 29 Mar 2005

Hi there,

I posted a problem I had last week and it generated about 20 replies. But for some reason the responses have dried up and I am still looking for assistance please.

At the moment I have inserted the CPU into an old base unit that I had it it stopped the PC from closing down. Unfortunately when I boot up the PC it just hangs up after the initail boot up confirms all drives etc. The command it sticks on is VERIFYING DMI POOL DATA.I had a friend who said go into safe mode and run the set up from the hard disc but once I select safe mode it just freezes on the Windows ME screen. When i try safe mode again it won't work. Any ideas before I have to call a PC engineer. Thank you.

  VoG II 22:43 29 Mar 2005
  Dan the Doctus 22:49 29 Mar 2005

I don't know what help you had before, so apologies if you've already had this advice, but click here may be worth a look.

If you don't already have one, you can create an ME bootable floppy from click here

  Dan the Doctus 22:50 29 Mar 2005

Yeah, what he said :(

  jamesy74 23:22 29 Mar 2005

Hi there,

Unfortunately I have Xp Home and my sister has ME installed on her hard drive. After having a read of your post does that mean that I will have to get access to a machine that has ME and create the boot disc from there. I read that one of the causes is hard drive set-up. I'm a novice but I'm learning my way about the PC. When I installed the new hardware I got two IDE cables (the 80 cable ones)One of them was just a master and the other one had a slave. Anyway I connected the master ide cable to the cd writer and the other cables path was master= HD slave= cd/dvd rom drive. I read that it wasn't a good idea to put both cd drives on the same cable. Hope I have explained my self ok. Thanks and look forward to your replies.

  Dan the Doctus 00:04 30 Mar 2005

Since I've only been using XP for less than a fortnight I'm probably not the best qualified to give you advice, but I think it makes no difference to any floppy bootdisk you create.

As to what's causing the problem is anyone's guess. I think you'll just have to try all the advice on the link and hope it corrects the problem. Good luck.

is your hd set as primary master or secondary master?

  jamesy74 08:15 30 Mar 2005

handyd - its set as a primary master, she only has one. Do I need to use a floppy dik for boot purposes or can I copy to CDrom and boot from there?

  Dan the Doctus 13:30 30 Mar 2005

It needs to be a floppy as you will be copying across system files from it.

  jamesy74 13:54 30 Mar 2005


Does that mean I can go on to Bootdisc.com tonight and save data to my floppy disk. Or do I need to use a pc that has win me already installed or is that only for people who don't have access to that particular site?


  Dan the Doctus 15:36 30 Mar 2005

Like I said, I'm new to XP but I think it makes no difference to the floppy you create.

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