PC Clock

  Haggie 19:57 02 Mar 2004

What does it mean if my pc clock is running about 35 mins slow even though the pc is on 24hrs a day?? i amended the time 4 days agao via the bios but it is out again

  gold 47 20:01 02 Mar 2004

Battery wants renewing.

  Gaz 25 20:15 02 Mar 2004

gold 47 is spot on.

  Haggie 21:06 02 Mar 2004

so what happens if it goes dead?

  Haggie 20:34 03 Mar 2004


  MIKE 20:46 03 Mar 2004

Don't even wait to find out

  gold 47 20:47 03 Mar 2004

Your bios settings will default it will also affect software that has updates you might have to install them again.

  Haggie 20:19 12 Mar 2004

ok i fitted a new battery 6 days ago & reset the clock via bios, but the clock is starting to run slow again ( 27 mins at the moment )

any other ideas?????

  greenlamp 21:30 12 Mar 2004

If the PC is on 24 hours a then I don't think the problem is the the bios backup battery -since this is there to supply backup power to to the bios, to retain settings, when the PC is turned off.
PC clocks are not usually too accurate, although 27 minutes a week does sound excessive, as the clock updates are very much a background task (that is secondary to the processes required by running programs). One possibility is if you are frequently running any CPU intensive tasks then the clock will be updated less frequently and will therefore lose more than is found with average PC use.

  Gugs 23:42 12 Mar 2004

If you have not sorted out your problem perhaps u might consider the following. "Altrixsoft" offers two models of 'Chronograph' which can be programmed to reset PC clock against Atomic. Lite i.e.freeware in which you can manually check-adjust against atomic servers and standard (14.95 dollars) which can be programmed to synchronize as/when you require. (obviously you will need to be on the Net. for either.) I have been using the standard for a year or so and PC self checks whenever I go onto Net. Any search engine should turn up "Chronograph Lite"

  hugh-265156 00:12 13 Mar 2004

check,if xp control panel/administrative tools/event viewer system and application tabs for errors relating to cannot update windows time etc.

if there are any listed it may be just that your firewall is blocking the attempts at updating it.

allow w32time.dll access in your firewall.

try click here works well.

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