PC Cleaning

  Noelg23 15:26 03 Dec 2004

I would like to know exactly what cleaning products I need besides the usual air compressors (damn expensive buggers!) as I am going to give my PC a massive cleanout this weekend...so please tell me what to get, where to get it from and how much its likely to cost, plus also how it affected your machine...thanks..

  SurfMonkey _#:@}™ 15:51 03 Dec 2004

You may think aaahhh but once a year I open my pc up and secure all fans from spinning and give it a dam good HOOVERING out, yes with the HOOOVER no trouble up till now and I have had my trusty pc for years now I also get a pack of cotton buds and very carefully clean all fans of dust then hoover up dust and then put pc back together and fire it up

  ACOLYTE 16:02 03 Dec 2004

I wouldn't use compressed air all it does is move the dust around without actually cleaning,best bet is a handy little dust buster vac i picked on up with attachments for £20 of local market and its well smart for PC cleaning even keyboard
the q tips are a good idea for those awkward places.I thing to be carefull of tho is not to get to close to the mobo if it has jumpers on or they could end up in the hoover bag,and dont forget to earth youself static is pain and can fry a pc like nothin.

  Noelg23 16:09 03 Dec 2004

yes the hoover is good, I dont have any problems with that...and as for the little cleaning pack for £20 sounds like a bargain...but I think I will go with cotton buds aswell, they are very small and can get into those places big fingers cant...thanks...I am still open to more help...

  jack 17:27 03 Dec 2004

All that. plus a soft brush Artists water colour and your wife/girl freins make up brush to loosen the grot for the vac.
Dont be temped to use solvent to clean things -melts plastic- excpet perhaps for Propanol-Achohol
if you can find it - and if you can tell me where.

  Djohn 17:53 03 Dec 2004

Is what you need jack. Your local Chemist shop should carry this in stock. Any good "Oil"-free alcohol will do the job though and available from the same place. Some branches PC World and other stores also stock Isopropyl alcohol but it will cost far more for a smaller bottle than what you can buy from your local pharmacy.

  Noelg23 18:28 03 Dec 2004

now thats what I was looking for...I better write that down...thanks...

  Buchan 35 19:30 03 Dec 2004

have a look at this
click here com

I found it on this site and it`s page headings is " PC Pick Me Ups " with a sub-heading of "PC Maintenance- Cleaning

Hope it helps

  Buchan 35 19:36 03 Dec 2004

click here

Sorry `bout that and if it doesn`t work this time try typing pc maintenance-cleaning into your browser and going with that

  Noelg23 17:17 04 Dec 2004

that link didnt work, I need more info...I have bought some cotton buds tho, I have made a start on it, so far cleaned out my LED fans, my they have never looked so clear in a long time, I have literally taken out everything including the motherboard altho the processor is the one that wont budge, but I will still give it a clean. I have also been using paint brushes, they are very effective, but I went into Boots and Supadrugs and none of them sell Isopropyl, I have been to PC World yet, cos I am at work and PC World is a while away....but when I get home tonight I will just use cotton buds, paint brushes and the hoover...blimey the inside of the case is very dusty...

  Gongoozler 17:27 04 Dec 2004

The only parts that really need cleaning are the fan blades and between the grilles of any heatsinks, especially the processor one. Any other cleaning is really just cosmetic unless the dust is VERY thick, but it does make the computer look better.

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