Pc-Cillin install problem

  cbr keith 19:12 26 Mar 2003

I'm running XP Pro and have tried to upgrade to a newer version of Pc-Cillin anti-virus.
I uninstalled the old version but the system "froze" before the uninstall was complete. I had no option but to press reset on the pc. I now cannot install any version of Pc-Cillin! It goes part way through the install then hangs, or it reports that another program install is in progress and I should complete that first.
If you can help me out of this problem, I'd be very grateful!
Keith Williams

  flecc 19:36 26 Mar 2003

I believe XP will have automatically created a restore point when you upgraded the PC-cillin so you could use that to return to the old situation.

  flecc 19:40 26 Mar 2003

If that doesn't do the trick, completely clear PC-cillin out of the computer.

Click Find, Files and Folders, type the application name into the dialogue box and press Enter. Then from the list found, make sure of the identity of each item individually and delete any components found to the recycle bin so you can recover from there in the event of any trouble. If the item you're looking for has a double name, put a question mark in place of the space, for example Hewlett?Packard. This will restrict the items found mainly to those relevant. In your case, search for both Trend and pc-cillin.

Then click Start,Run,type: regedit , and press Enter. Click Registry, Export, select All, and save a registry copy to the desktop as a safeguard.

Then, still in the Registry Editor click Edit,Find. Enter the application name in the dialogue box and click Find. There is no need for the question mark with double names in registry find. With any element found highlighted, press Del on your keyboard to delete it. Then press F3 to find next, and if anything is found, repeat the delete/F3 sequence until all references are gone. Then exit regedit. Together with the deletions in Find, this should clear out most of the components from your computer. (Please see footnote to this paragraph)

There may still be isolated components of the application under other names in the registry and system files but these should do no harm. If you wish to continue the clearance, start by running Scandisc which may find and remove any unassociated frgments and remove them. Then you could run a registry cleaner to find and remove any unattached registry elements. A popular application for this purpose is RegCleaner from: click here.

It would be best to keep the registry backup on the desktop and not empty the recycle bin for at least several days until you're sure everything, both Windows and Programs are unaffected.

In the unlikely event of any registry trouble, double click the desktop registry backup that you made and it will merge back into the registry undoing your changes. When you are certain all is well, you can delete the registry desktop backup.

  flecc 19:42 26 Mar 2003

The Regcleaner in the above may not be suitable for XP, the free jv16 Powertools is.

  cbr keith 20:56 27 Mar 2003

Nice one flecc! Followed your steps to clear out pc-cillin and have installed the new version.
Thank you for your help - it's much appreciated.
Kind Regards

  flecc 21:40 27 Mar 2003

A pleasure Keith.

  BT 18:05 30 Mar 2003

Wouldn't touch PC Cillin with a VERY large barge pole. Caused no end of trouble on both my Desktop and my wife's Laptop. Slowed down the computers and took up loads of HD Space.

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