PC-cillin compatibility

  Tittlemouse 12:32 03 Jul 2004

In preparation to installing Windows XP Pro I have downloaded the upgrade report from Microsoft and found that PC-cillin (my virus checker), comes under the heading of "Software Incompatible with Windows XP" and advises "to contact your software vendors for updates".

I have been on the merry-go-round of PC-cillin's websites for the past two hours but all I've got is a sore head.

I did email them on their support site but was told to contact my "Trend Micro Distributor Reseller" for the answer on..... click here and thats when my head ache started.

I wonder if anyone in the forum can tell me if PC-cillin is compatible with XP Pro and if not what do I do about it.
Thank you.....

  maz2 13:32 03 Jul 2004

I'm running Trend Micro Internet Security with Xp with no problems do you mean that you have installed SP2 if so there is an item in the News section about this I think it's going to cause a lot of problems

  Tittlemouse 14:01 03 Jul 2004

Thanks for your reply maz2 but I'm not sure that I follow you. Pardon my ignorance but what is SP2.

  rawprawn 14:15 03 Jul 2004

SP2 or service pack 2 is the next big Windows XP upgrade. At the moment it is only available in the beta (Trial) version, altough I have been running it for about 2 months now with no problems at all, in fact I am very pleased with it.Unfortunately I don't run PCillin so I can't really comment, although I was running Zone Alarm Free Version when I first loaded SP2 and there were no problems other than the new security file in the control panel couldn't show ZA status, but it ran fine. I now use Etrust AV & firewall which integrate nicely, these two programs are free for 1 year

  Tittlemouse 14:21 03 Jul 2004

Thanks for that explanation rawprawn. I wonder if anyone else knows for sure if PC-cillin is compatible with XP?. I'm sure it must be but the upgrade report says otherwise.

  AndySD 14:23 03 Jul 2004

which version of pc cillin are you using?

  Tittlemouse 14:42 03 Jul 2004

AndySD, Is 2003 any good?. I can't see any other version names.

  AndySD 16:31 03 Jul 2004

Having been to click here I see no problems with XP but you may need to use the hotfix click here

  Tittlemouse 17:35 03 Jul 2004

Sorry about the delay AndySD I had to go out..Thank you very much for your help. I don't know how you found those two "click here's" because I couldnt find anything. I will certainly keep them and use them when it is time to install XP. I hope you are still around when I do because I shall most likely need more help. Thanks....
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