PC-Cillin causing XP to crash

  handful 10:58 04 Apr 2003

I read through some of the threads posted about PC-cillin and nobody seems to have had the same problems I have been experiencing.

Sometimes my PC restarts itself (usually playing games) and when I get the dreaded "system has recovered from a serious error message" and send the report to Microsoft for analysis it tells me it is a problem with PC-cillin and is a problem Trend are working on to resolve. I have tried looking at their website for more info but can't find anything. anyone know anything about this???

  flecc 11:30 04 Apr 2003

I haven't had any trouble when using PC-cillin with XP previously, but have known occasions when one of their updates causes a temporary problem until they fix it.

Why not temporarily uninstall it for a while and meanwhile download and use the free AVG anti virus from click here which will work fine with your XP for the time being?

  €dstow 11:37 04 Apr 2003

I wrote the other day that any program that upsets my system or interferes with the functioning of any other program goes straight in the bin.

PC-Cillin doesn't have a monopoly on anti-virus software and if it's messing you about, as flecc says, there are alternatives.

Make sure you tell Trend about your problem. If enough people complain it might encourage them to be a bit speedier in sorting it out.


  handful 12:12 04 Apr 2003

Thanks flecc I'll give AVG a try and €d
I agree but it's not always easy to be sure whether it is the program at fault or something else conflicting with it. With all the stuff I read with XP problems, I know I should have trusted my instincts and stuck with 98SE. Thanks anyway and I will let Trend know.

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