PC-Cillin 2002

  User-312386 21:44 19 May 2004

Hi all

I have just looked at my hard drive and noticed that it was filling up very quickly (HDD size 40gb)

I then looked in my programme files to see what could be causing this and noticed that my Trend PC-Cillin 2002 folder was 8.75GB in size.

Now surely thats not normal. Is it?

Anyone had the same problem?

And if they have, how did they solve it

  maz2 21:47 19 May 2004

I'm running Trend Micro and the file size is 69MB so I would say there is something wrong although I don't know what, can you uninstall and reinstall and manually update or is it a download version

  User-312386 21:49 19 May 2004

i will look into that


  maz2 21:53 19 May 2004

I know you can get and upgrade from Trend for about £14 or otherwise copy your original download file to disc and re-install from there

  User-312386 22:06 19 May 2004

i uninstalled and deleted the folder and have gained the 8gb back now


  maz2 22:12 19 May 2004

Good I hope you've pt an antivirus back on though there are some nasty things out there

  User-312386 08:45 20 May 2004

i put pc-cillin back on

problems have started again

its doing exactly the same thing click here

  maz2 10:01 20 May 2004

The only other thing I can suggest is that you visit their customer care centre I found this but I don't know if it will be any help to you, if you want to get ot their customer care centre you can access it through the help button at the top of the programme other wise have a look at this.click here

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