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  Bluescreen 10:52 04 Jan 2003
  Bluescreen 10:52 04 Jan 2003

I have built a system using the above mobo and a 2000xp. Everything is fine and dandy. I am really impressed with the ease and simplicity of the build. This has got to be a beginners dream!! Problem is that my new case has 8 wires coming from the two front usb ports, but the manual does not show where they should go. It talks about an optional extension bracket and headers. Founfd header, but dont know where they all go. As there are 8 wires (2 sets duplicated) I assume that they are to go one after another(1-4 and 5-8) but what goes where??


  woodchip 11:16 04 Jan 2003

If they are not separate wires, but are like a ribbon cable the red wire goes in each case to pin 1 and pin 5 if you put these on in any other order you will blow a usb inbuilt fuse that cannot be replaced you would then have to use a PCI usb card to get usb to work

  pj123 11:39 04 Jan 2003

As PC Chips doesnt know what case you will be using they cannot put a configuration in the manual. The case itself should have had a piece of paper with it (along with all the screws) with a diagram for the connections. On the mobo somewhere should be a set of 9 (yes 9) pins for the front USB connections. I have just built one like this for a friend. If you give me a couple of days I will contact my friend and grab a copy of the diagram.

  Bluescreen 20:43 04 Jan 2003

No problem. That would be great. I have found the 9pin socket and connected the two red wires. Awaiting to know where the other 3 each go.

  Bluescreen 21:26 04 Jan 2003

This might help.

I have 2 groups of wires coming from the front ports. 2x red,white,gree,black. The case info says ; red=vcc+(power),White=d-(port negative),Green=D+(port negative0 and blacks are ground.

If red goes to 1 and 5, where do the others go?

  woodchip 21:39 04 Jan 2003

They follow in the order you have posted them after red white green black in that order

  woodchip 21:42 04 Jan 2003

PS the last pin is only an extra ground black wire

  Bluescreen 23:04 04 Jan 2003

Good Man!!

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