PC changed it's IP address

  sheffy 11:19 16 Jun 2006

With the help of these pages i've more or less managed to set up a home network using my dg834g negear router. It has my pc (XP Home)plugged into it and my laptop (XP Pro) connected wirelessly. I couldn't print to the printer connected (serial) to the PC from the laptop though. That was yesterday. Today I switch on my pc and start Outlook. It downloads my e-mails as usual. Then I clicked on a link in an e-mail from Tiscali and it part loaded the page (IE). Then I got a windows warning of a conflict of IP address. I checked and the PC's IP address has changed itself to that of the router hence no more internet access from the PC. Laptop and router appear to work fine but the router doesn't show the PC as connected to it. Any ideas on how do I fix this?

  Taff™ 11:56 16 Jun 2006

I`d start by switching off the PC and rebooting. If the router is set to allocate IP addresses automatically (and it probably is unless you`ve gone for a fixed IP address) it should resolve itself.

If that doesn`t work switch off the router and the PC`s. Start the router first and then each computer in turn.

  sheffy 12:40 16 Jun 2006

Thanks. Tried that but no joy. No doubt it's something I messed about with in setting up the network. Any other ideas? I see that dhcp is not enabled is this correct?

  sheffy 12:46 16 Jun 2006

i notice that my laptop has changed ip address too but it has changed to what my pc was and the pc is still showing an ip address the same as the router. The laptop has dhcp enabled. If I have to enable dhcp on my pc how do I do it? This is all a bit beyond me. Kind of wish I hadn't bothered trying to get my pc and laptop to talk to each other but I wanted to access files and share the printer.

  mgmcc 13:06 16 Jun 2006

A Netgear router's default IP address is which is extremely unfortunate, because that is also the address allocated by Windows to a network adapter when "Internet Connection Sharing" is enabled.

In the PC whose IP address is, check that "ICS" hasn't been enabled on any connections in the Network Connections folder - that includes any other network adapters, "wired" or "wireless", and Dialup connections. To do this, right click the connection, select Properties, then the Advanced tab. If there is a box "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's internet connection", it should be *UNTICKED*.

For that adapter that connects to the router, right click it and select Properties. Highlight the entry for "Internet protocol (TCP/IP)" and click the Properties button. Ensure it is set to get its IP address and DNS Server addresses automatically. It will then get the addresses by DHCP from the router.

  sheffy 16:50 16 Jun 2006

thanks for the help. ICS was ticked and is now unticked. I'll try a reboot and report back but very strangely my skype has now gone on line and the pc is downloading a windows update (set to do so automatically) but i can't access the internet with IE.

  sheffy 16:56 16 Jun 2006

thank you, thank you, thank you. ok. done the reboot and i can get back on line. now my only problem is how to get my laptop to send documents to the printer attached to the pc. probably a different post really but if you can help it would be much appreciated.

  mgmcc 18:59 16 Jun 2006

My standard "blurb" on network printing:

1) Connect the printer to the "client" PC, as though it were to be used with that computer, and install it. This ensures that it has all the necessary software/drivers on board.

2) Reconnect it to the "host" PC and, in its Properties, set it as "shared". In the client's "My Network Places" (or Network Neighborhood), the printer should then appear as a shared resource of the "host" PC along with any shared folders. Double clicking the printer in the remote PC should automatically install it as a "network printer" in the "client". This means that the "client" now has the same printer installed twice - once as a "local" printer and again as a "network" printer (with a bar under the icon to indicate a network device). If you are always going to print via the network, you may want to set the "network printer" as the default.

Otherwise, have a look at this Microsoft article. It is an old article written for Windows 95, but the basic principle for installing the network printer should still be valid.

click here

  sheffy 13:23 17 Jun 2006

Thanks very much for all your help. I'll try what you say when I've re sorted out the network that I thought I had set up. My PC seems to have gone bonkers. It's plugged into my router but the router doesn't show it as attached. However I can access the internet despite the fact that in 'network connections' under 'broadband' the tiscali connection is shown as disconnected. the LAN connection is connected though. I had file sharing up and running before but now it seems to have stopped. No idea what I've done other than reboot the pc. Are there any straight forward articles on setting up a basic network like that printer article you mention. Sorry to be so stupid but this area of computing is new to me.

  mgmcc 16:30 17 Jun 2006

<<< It's plugged into my router but the router doesn't show it as attached. >>>

The only way that the router can show a PC is connected to it is by looking at the list of IP addresses it has allocated by DHCP.

<<< However I can access the internet despite the fact that in 'network connections' under 'broadband' the tiscali connection is shown as disconnected >>>

Your computer is not connecting to Tiscali. The *ROUTER* is connecting to the ISP and computers connected to the router get their internet access over the Local Area Network from the router. Normally the ISP software should be uninstalled from all PCs but, if it isn't causing a problem or conflicts, you can leave it in place.

  sheffy 11:07 19 Jun 2006

Thanks once again. I'm beginning to get the idea. I was confused because I've had the pc plugged into the router for several months and in network connections it always showed me connected to tiscali under the broadband heading. Since I've been trying to get my laptop and PC to file and printer share that seems to have changed. Thanks for explaining it though. Also in the router settings under attached devices it shows my laptop's IP address (connected wirelessly) but not the PC. Another reason for my confusion.

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