PC Cases

  Mastermind 09:05 16 Jan 2003
  Mastermind 09:05 16 Jan 2003

I'm looking for a new PC case (ATX).

Has anyone got any recommendations or sites worth looking at?

  €dstow 09:13 16 Jan 2003

All my machines are Chieftec Scorpio, often on Today Only at Scan click here.

Good design but no use if you're primarily interested in style rather than substance.

Don't be tempted by dark colours unless you have a fetish for dusting.


  Gongoozler 09:16 16 Jan 2003

Mastermind, what sort of money are you thinking of spending? There are cases from about £15 to about £200. They vary enormously in quality both of the metalwork and the power supply (where one is fitted). Also what sort of style do you want. Some are very ornate while others are quite utilitarian. You can get aluminium cases to dissipate the heat better as well as sound insulated cases to contain the noise from the fans.

  Mastermind 09:25 16 Jan 2003

I'm not sure now much I want to spend, but probably no more than £100.

I'm not looking for anything too ornate, and I don’t like cases that have a door on the front. Also I that keen on aluminium cases although I haven't completely discounted that as an option.

I like cases that have to option of buying a side with a window, but I'm more concerned about the interior. I don't want the CPU to be obscured by the PSU as in some cheaper cases.

  Belatucadrus 10:24 16 Jan 2003

click here for the Novatech range click here for a nice one with a clear side panel.

  Weeby Vuit 10:25 16 Jan 2003

click here they have great cases

  Ramises 10:26 16 Jan 2003


  Mastermind 11:00 16 Jan 2003

No luck finding anything I like yet.

  Aspman 11:13 16 Jan 2003

Worth spending a little bit extra. Cheap cases tend to be very nasty and flimsy on the inside.

We have quite a few machine from a company called RM (research machines, big in schools). They have some of the most solid cases I've ever seen. Just about kills me to pick them up. I'd like to know where they get them from.

I like the look of the Chieftec cases but they are quite expensive and I don't think they come with a power supply.

  Gongoozler 11:17 16 Jan 2003

My case is an Enlight from Dabs. No fancy gimmicks, but solidly built and easy to use.

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