PC case help needed

  Newuser2 15:13 17 Apr 2004

I am going to biuld a new PC & I've seen a case that I like in a local computer shop, trouble is they didn't have any details on it.
The case was apparantly made by DIGITAL & was white a dark silver with a flip up fan outlet on the top of the case. The case comes with a 350 watt PSU but I'm not sure if its OK for an AMD CPU.
Has anyone any info on the manufacturer as I need to check on the PSU before I buy one.

  Forum Editor 15:19 17 Apr 2004

as far as the Athlon is concerned.

  Legolas 15:21 17 Apr 2004

A 350watt PSU will power an Athlon CPU ok and should be ok for a standard build. Ask in the shop you are buying from and if they cant tell you I would,nt buy from them as they should know.

  Newuser2 15:22 17 Apr 2004

Thanks for your reply FE.
Next question is will the PSU connections be OK for an AMD CPU on an ASUS K8V MBO.

  Legolas 15:26 17 Apr 2004

If the case is an ATX which I would suppose it would be then the connections are all standard and will fit the M/B OK

  Newuser2 15:35 17 Apr 2004

Sorry one & all I should have said its an AMD 64 CPU I'm thinking of getting possible the 3200 or even a 3400 when the price drops a bit.

  Legolas 15:39 17 Apr 2004

I think as said that as long as your M/B takes the CPU then the case should be fine but others may have more experience of this than me.

  Newuser2 16:09 17 Apr 2004

Thanks one & all. I've just spoken to the owner of the shop & he is going to swop the 350 watt PSU over to a 450 watt PSU.
He's also said the connections are universal these days so they will fit any MBO/CPU.

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