PC case and Graphics card choices

  Peter Lanky 12:03 07 Jan 2013

I am considering whether to buy a pre built PC from Scan or whether to purchase individual components and build it. I can see the pros and cons in both. However whichever option I take, I will have almost unlimited choice of case and GPU. I highlight these 2 components as they are the ones I feel that I have least knowledge of.

I will be using the PC for general internet and office functions, some photographic processing using Photoshop Elements, and some undemanding games.

I've always considered a case to be a box that everything goes into, and never really considered how different ones can enhance the experience. However, I would like something reasonably quiet so am looking for recommendations as to what I should be taking into consideration. I am likely to be using a SSD drive and in the long term an absolute maximum of 2 HDD, but more likely only a single one. My CPU is likely to be a i5 3570K and appropriate MB.

As far as GPU goes, I don't want it to be all singing all dancing, but want it to be still relevant in 5 years time. As long as it can handle processing large batches of photos at once, that is the most I am likely to expect from it.

  Peter Lanky 20:00 07 Jan 2013


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